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I've been fiddling with my new (to me) Trinitron for a while now and I'm having serious trouble getting the geometry to my liking. I'm wondering- what are some geometry errors that I can't fix from the service menu? The only problem I have which I know for sure isn't fixable is the horizontal bowing I've got near the bottom at the center of the TV. Aside from that it seems like images at the 4 edges sort of "roll off" the screen, becoming compressed at the edges (like they're curling back behind the screen), but being flatter and regular in the middle; it also seems like I'm in desperate need of some sort of horizontal linearity adjustment, and while I know vertical linearity is adjustable I doubt you could do the same thing horizontally. Are these problems things I can fix (if I'm even describing them well enough) through service menu adjustments? Thanks in advance!