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16 gauge for 50ft of wire?

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I bought some Monster Cable XPNW MS Navajo White (all that was available at the store) flat speaker wire and it doesn't even say what the gauge is, though I'm pretty sure it is 16. I need to run the cables about 50ft to get around the perimeter of my room. I also bought some Monster Cable Superflat Mini Ultra-Flexible, Compact, High Performance Cable, because it looks so flat, though I think this is 18 gauge and I will likely return this.

1. Is 16 gauge speaker wire ok for the rear speakers for 50-ft of distance?
2. What about for the front left, right and center at 50-ft of distance? Will this affect my sound quality noticeably?

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According to Roger Russell, you are at the maximum length for 16 AWG with an 8 ohm load. If your speakers present a lower load to the amplifier, according to the table, you ought to be using thicker wire. Read the link above.
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