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Single FLAC file corruption?

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A few times I have come across a CD rip to a single FLAC file (rather than individual FLAC files, one per song) that appears to be corrupt. Importing the cue file to foobar recreates the list of individual songs, but the last one has no duration figure, none is playable (although if importing the -single- flac file rather than the cue file it plays OK) and cannot be converted into inividual files. Basically I can only listen to the entire CD.

I vaguely remember managing to salvage some of these by altering something in their tags in the past, but for one thing it did not always work, for another I no longer remember what I had stumbled upon.

Any ideas?
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Hi Georg,

It sounds to me like the CUE file is corrupt, not the FLAC file. What software are you using to create the rips?

Look at the CUE file in a text editor, and maybe the problem is obvious. Look for the file being truncated, as that would explain the lack of a duration on the last song. If you like, you can post the CUE file, and some of us can look at it.
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