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LG 55LM7600 problem while watching 3D only

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Hi All,

I've tried searching for this issue, but it is near impossible, probably due to how i word it. But the following is my issue:

Usually a handful of times while watching a 3D movie (only happens while watching 3D) the image will kind of flicker. It seems to usually be when the scene changes, but it hasn't always been. By 'flicker' i mean that it is almost like there is a frame of the movie where the image isn't right. I don't know exactly what it looks like as it is too quick, but almost like black/white lines, I think. This happens when using either my PS3 or an LG Bluray player/receiver. I tried replacing the HDMI cable on the home theater receiver/player and still had the issue. The home theater receiver/bluray player is hooked up directly to my tv and the PS3 is hooked into the home theater receiver/bluray player.

Has anyone heard of this issue? I wasn't sure if a cheap hdmi cable could be the cause, but i've tried two different ones. Everything i've read said all HDMI cables are pretty much the same, and both I tried said they were "high speed" and 3D ready.

It isn't a huge issue as it only happens a handful of times during a movie and only for a frame, but every time it happens I just kinda focus on what is causing the issue rather than the movie.

Any input is appreciated!
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I'm having this exact same issue. Does it look like they are horizontal lines that flash on the screen for a split second and disappear? I have emaield LG about it but havent received a response yet. Anyone have any thoughts on what this might be? I'll be sure to post LGs response.
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Yes, that would describe it accurately. I will be interested to hear what LG has to say. Thanks for the reply!
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I believe they call that artifacting and moving lines
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ive noticed while playing 3d content when this happens that its the two images coming together for a second or two. i can verify this by taking off my glasses and when it happens the picture is perfectly clear. Not sure why it happens or if its normal
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