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For Sale: Trinnov MC 8 channels ANA & AES

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For Sale:
Trinnov MC 8 channels ANA & AES

Will Ship To: Anywhere


I am selling my Trinnov unit bought in 2011.
It is the best (unprecedented) digital room acoustics correction system ever made !!
It's a first hand and I bought it in 2011 to a Trinnov official dealer.
In perfect working and cosmetic condition. I just opened it one time to install the AES card (with the agreement of Trinnov).
Can easily replace any HT processor !!
If you have a HTPC (with RME card for exemple), If you have an Oppo player with the 4xspdif audio board inside (http://audiopraise.com/vanity93/lite.php) you can directly connect them to the Trinnov (I use 8XLR-to-DB25 and 8spdif-to-DB25 cables fro m Vovox).

The DA and AD conversion made by the Trinnov unit is awesome. To get equivalent or a little better, you have to invest in a Prism or Forssell AD/DA converter (10k €) !!!

Model and options : Optimizer MC (2nd génération (last one) ) 8 analogic channels + runtime + toolbox + 3D micro + AES card (card bought last month)

- original invoice available.
- Date and place of purchase: March 2011 from a Trinnov offical dealer.
- Preserved original packaging.
- Documentation + accessories.

AVS Thread dedicated to Trinnov:

Asking price: 8000 €
MSRP is 12050 € € here in France (VAT in).
- Trinnov Optimizer MC 8 + Runtime + Toolbox : 10.700 €
- 3D Micro : 600 €
- AES card : 750 €

I can make an offer for my Vovox cables (8XLR-to-DB25 and/or 8spdif-to-DB25).

Please add freight & customs charges. Will be shipped out through UPS
- Bank Wire Transfers without fees.
- Paypall: +3% to cover costs.

Concept :



Group Delay:

Top View - Remapping (5.1 SMPTE):



Some other possible parameters ... In total, we can play with 80 parameters !!!:

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I have bought an ADA from sound&life and I can say I am very happy with unit and service that he gave so he gets full recommendation and buyer of Trinnove will not be disappointed.
I am trying to put funds together for the Trinnov but it will be little while before i have enough funds.smile.gif
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Thanks Sakuma.

A Trinnov unit will transcend any audio installation by eliminating first reflections and any ear fatigue.
You can design and store (in a preset) your owns target curves, according to your preferences (Movies, 2 ch stereo, high/low volume, ...).

The unit is fully controllable via VNC (from an android, apple or windows tablet / computer) or via a remote command (IR receiver is an option not include here (can be purchased afterwards)).

The Optimizer is a software option (included here) that turns MC Processors into the most advanced Loudspeaker/Room correction system, taking the room acoustics into account to tune and align speakers in both frequency and time domains. Used in many prestigious music, mastering, TV and cinema studios around the world, the Optimizer made Trinnov’s reputation as leader in Active Acoustics. The Optimizer ensures a better mix translation between rooms and dramatically improves engineers working process by quickening the decision making during recording and mixing.

Look at here for 3D simulation when applied to the compensation of early reflections.

Other links:

3D Microphone

How does acoustic correction work?


Be careful

A Trinnov unit is a professional and powerfull tool that is not easy to use the first time (is rather difficult to take in the hand).
Automatic calibration process provides 75/80% of the possible result in terms of quality ( huge leap compared to what you can have without Trinnov).
If you want to maximize your Trinnov setup (reach 100%), I strongly recommend going through an audio integrator who is familiar with this tech.

In US/Canada :



+ some others for France :-)
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Are you in Paris? Will this work with USA voltages?

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Not in Paris but near Lyon.
I d'ont know for US voltage, I've to ask this to Trinnov.
Anyway, a simple EU-to-US voltage transformer will work perfectly (and it's really no expensive).
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I missed an important thing.

The Trinnov unit is under warranty till March 2013.
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Hi ,

I didn't find anything of interesting (performance, price, flexibility) which can replace the Trinnov unit.
So I really think to keep it (for now). Despite the fact that I have had 3 good proposals (1 very good)...

A Trinnov MC is so flexible and impressive compared to what I've seen elsewhere (Datasat/Dirac, ARC, manual FIR Eq, ...).

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