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Passive 3D dual projector questions

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I am interested in setting up 2 projectors for a passive 3D set up but I need a 3D demuxer to send the left eye signal out to one projector and a right eye signal out to the other projector. Demuxers ( a device or htpc that will seperate the left and right eye 3d signal) are expensive but I ready that a HTPC demuxer is more affordable. Anyone doing this with a HTPC? I will be playing 3d blurays.
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the only product on the market that I was aware of that could do this is the optoma 3d-xl. they are around $250

when I looked into this about a year ago this is what I found I would need:

-video card supporting 3d bluray with dual hdmi outs
-two optoma 3d-xl, one for each hdmi out on the pc
-two projectors with lense shift so that the images can be properly aligned
-two polarizing filters
-a specific shade of filmscreen to work with the polarizing filters
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And don't use LCD projectors. The colors are already polarized, which would be nice except for the fact that the green is polarized at 90 degress to red and blue. It can still be done with LCD projectors but you will never get optimal stereo separation. You would be better off just getting a 3D LCD like the Epson x010
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Hello, i am new to this and need urgent help in setting up dual projector passive 3d setup for my home. I have read many articals about the dual projector setup and decided to make one for my home theater room

I bought - 2 dlp projectors - benq ms660
circular polarized lens
circular poalrized glasses
Silver screen
and got the dual stand made for projectors.

First step, i downloaded the stereoscopic player

Now i have window xp installed with nvidea 560 card with dual output

I connect one output with hdmi and second with dvi to hdmi cabel

after i run windows, i run nvidea setup and run dual ( extended screens) and both left and right view start coming on screen

my problem is when i run side by side ( any 3d movie ), i am getting the double image and when i wear the glasses, image looks single and clear to me, But my only problem is, it looks Plain 2d image and not 3d image. No pop out effects are also visible.

I read on many forums that results are very good in polarized 3d but my image is looking plain 2d image.

Can anyone help me and advice me where i am doing the mistake, which part needed to be corrected here.

Thanks in advance
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Sounds like both filters are rotated to the same plane. Did you use a half wave plate (retarder) to change the polarization plane of one projector?

Good thread on dual projector polarized setups: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1280393/the-ultimate-3d-projection-system-a-practical-discussion-thread
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