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Replaced T-con board and now getting vertical lines

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I have a Sony bravia KDL46VL160, first problem was a blank screen with sound.

When bought and replaced the t-con board, coloured vertical lines are show


What do you think is the problem ?

Thanks for the help...
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I will assume the problem is with the T-CON board and nothing else.

First thing is to check this Sony document and make sure you ordered the right board for your TV, because the board model can depend on serial number range:


If your TV isn't listed there, maybe you can find an updated document. This one is worth reading anyway as it has a lot of information on T-CON failure modes along with troubleshooting and replacement instructions.

If you bought a used T-CON board, it could very well be defective. See my messages for more on my experience trying to replace the known defective T-CON board in my KDL-40W4100:


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I am sure i ordered the right board for the TV...

I read the sony document before buying the t-con board..

someone told me it could be the panel that is bad even though i also strongly believe its the t-con ?
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i also matched the part numbers on both t-con boards...

I was wondering if it could be anything else...

panel or main board ?
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I have the same issue with horizontal lines. Did you find a solution for the problem? Should I get only a T-con board or do I need a Main Board as well?
Thank you !
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I have multiple horizontal lines and 2 boxes like this one. What do you think it is? T con, main board, panel?
Thank you for any help !
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This is another view of the same problem.
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I didn't solve the problem yet...

I am considering ordering another t-con board...

Will update when I do so...

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FWIW, all three of the defective TCON boards I bought and returned solved my minor problem completely and produced a picture along with or before exhibiting their own problems, which were completely different than mine, as well as each other. The first one was perfectly fine for about a minute after turning the TV on, after which the picture went completely nuts and stayed that way. So apparently that one was unstable once it warmed up. The next two were bad immediately upon turning the TV on. The second one produced the most incredible flashlighting I've ever seen; it had the "CORRUPTED UNIFORMITY ADJUSTMENT DATA" problem depicted in the Sony document at scribd.com I linked to above. The third one exhibited a "vertical blinds" effect; it was like some semi-transparent vertical blinds were superimposed on the picture, and they'd vary in intensity as the scene changed. At this point I gave up. Note that each time I put my board back in, my TV returned to my original problem, those 4 (ultimately 8, as 4 new ones have appeared) 3" flickering horizontal lines. So I don't think there was any problem with my technique or any other problem with my TV besides the TCON board.

My point is, if it really is just your TCON, I was 3/3 for getting a viewable picture, despite the three boards all having various defects that made them unusable and actually much worse than mine. So if you can't get a viewable picture after another board, it may be time to consider it's not just the TCON board.

I ordered from 3 different companies. Clearly, these companies are salvaging boards from broken TVs without testing them, and then they're selling them as functional. If it doesn't work, so what? I'm sure they paid pennies for the broken TVs, and their return rate can be way high while still allowing them to make huge profits given what they sell the parts for. Lots of the companies advertise with similar text, claiming that the boards were taken out of working TVs with a broken screen and fully tested. They are all lying. If you get one that works, consider yourself very lucky. And be wary of a lot of these companies; a single company can have several different web sites with different names. Be prepared to jump through hoops and even have to fight a bit for your refunds.
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Having the same problem with the same model TV. What did it take to get it going??

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Any help appreciated.
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So close, yet so far.....

Almost ready to trash this potentially great TV.

Was hoping to learn by what some others have been through with the same exact problem.

Not an abandoned question - any help appreciated.
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