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BG Radia BGX Subwoofer System

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I just installed this system with 2 of the S12B modules in a dedicated theater that's 24' x 12' on either side of the seating area. Anyone out there have these and if so do you think I will need 2 more of the modules at the front of the room or a couple smaller subs for movies?
Thanks for any help in advance!!
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I did these and recommend 4 for smooth bass response. Best would be at least 2 channels of amps equalized separately. Audyssey 11.4 in new receivers would be great with 4 amp chanels.
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I would say that the bass with these drivers is definitely smooth but will not deliver earth shattering levels, particularly in bigger rooms (>5000 cubic feet).

If I had to do my room over again, I would have picked something like the JL audio fathom or gotham line. Basically whichever line I could afford 4 speakers. I would have built in space into the room design to house the subwoofers so I wouldn't have to have them sitting in the middle of the room.

The downside to mega subs is that EVERYTHING will vibrate... which might be more distracting than not having enough bass. Getting everything in the room to not vibrate might be quite a task in itself depending on how complex the room design is.

My 7000 cubic foot room has decent bass with the BGX system in it (4 12-speaker modules). The bass is perfectly good with most music especially.

I am adding some Clark Synthesis Platinum bass shakers in the next couple of weeks to see how it augments the system and the sense of vibration. We'll see how that goes.

I considered adding the paradigm Sub2 (one of the most powerful subs made for home theater) but it is just big enough to be intrusive in my particular room decor. I would always do at least 2 to have equalization options. The square shaped JL speaker would blend better decor-wise next to or behind my main speakers.

All of these options are obviously in the "high end" category of potential options.
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I'm thinking about adding an Earthquake tactile transducer to the riser. I think it's a Quake 10. That should add what I need if I'm lacking any rumble factor with the BGX System during movies. I'm not worried about music at all as that BGX System is supposed to be amazing for music. Any thoughts?
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Bgx pretty decent for music. Would be better if not for a couple if annoying nulls in my room that need to be corrected.

For movies, bgx are not enough for my 5000cu+ ft room
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My room is 12'x24', about 650 square feet so I think I should be good with the 2 modules and a tactile transducer. Just got the zero edge black diamond in a 110" 2:35. It's the new one with the tape lighting built in to the screen frame all the way around. Looks outstanding in a dark room. Slowly but surely coming together. Looking forward to speakers and amps next. BG Radia and Parasound Halo.
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You need to think cubic feet, so 24 x 12 x __ what ever height your ceil is. Not square feet. And is it a sealed room or does it open up to another part of your house.
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24x12x8=2304. It's a dedicated theater so it's a sealed room with the pocket doors closed. No windows and cork walls from the trey down about 2/3 of the wall for acoustics.
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Okay so basically right at 2300cubic/ft. So what are you trying to accomplish?
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Music and movies. Need the rumble for movies and clean added bass for music. The sub modules are installed on either side of the seating area. Trying to figure out which subs to get to add to the front area if not just the tactile transducer.
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Well there are a lot of great internet direct sub manufactures that can defiantly make your room rumble. HSU, SVS, Outlaw, Rythmic and Power Sound Audio just to name a few. I have a 2100cubic/ft theater that opens up too a 10x10 area and I recently bought dual XS30s for Power Sound audio. They are a sealed sub with two 15" drivers per sub. These things scare the crap out of me for theater use and sound great for music but I mostly bought them for HT use.

What's your budget?
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By the way the manual for bgx has a lot of symmetric placement options. If you have 4 i wouls strongly recommend assymetric instead.

Also if possible dont actually install them until you are able run room curves first.
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Already installed before drywall went up. The 2 S12B modules are installed on either side of the seating area. I think I will add one of the new BG SW210 subs that they offer and a tactile transducer on the riser and that should be fine. If it's too much I can always turn the tactile transducer off.
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Hello, i have one BGX s12B and i would like to add a second one, but here in Europe dealers (official) now are asking me 2579 Euro + 90 Euro for grill, that is around 3500 $mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif (then i said "i need only module not amplifier" but they told me "this is price for one module, prices raiseu up a lot the past few months....)

I've found at Elegant Audio Video one at 749$ but there is too much difference, i don't trust very much...does anyone have experience in buying from this site??

Can you suggest me an affordable dealer with good prices???

Thank you very much
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