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Got an LG 42CS570, can't handle the input lag...

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So I have been needing a new television for a while, and have been using the same old 32 inch LCD Westinghouse I have had since around 2006. It would get terrible image retention all the time and I just needed a new set. I figured Halo 4 was coming out soon so I picked this TV up a few days before the game's release. I read a few people's reviews of it saying that it did not have much input lag, but it seems that is not the case. The lag isn't terrible with game mode on and I can enjoy Halo and other shooters without noticing the lag much. But I tried playing Need for Speed and...well it is just unplayable because of the sluggishness.

Short version: My LG 42CS570 has bad input lag and I need a 42 inch LCD television that has very very low input lag. Any help would be appreciated. I find it almost impossible to sort through the Input Lag wars thread and most of the sets talked about are not plain LCD's (at least from what I have skimmed). Also, you may wonder why I don't want an LED-LCD, and it's because of the annoying clouding that I can't deal with.

Please help, any advice is appreciated! My post may sound pretty negative, but it's just because I am frustrated =/
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Have you returned the CS570 yet? Give this a try to possibly reduce input lag a bit more:

Assuming your 360 is on an hdmi input, set your hdmi input label to "PC" on the TV (page 31 in the manual). This disables some extra processing that even game mode misses. You can still select game mode as well once you've done this and probably should.

I found this helpful for one of my own LG tvs. Let me know how it works.
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Thanks man, but I did already try that. It seems to have barely any difference and the lag is still noticeable to me =/
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Sure thing. Are you running your HDMI through a receiver/AVR? Sometimes there can be some processing that goes on there as well. Maybe just enough to put the input lag "over the top" into the realm on being intolerable. Even if it was otherwise okay before with the Westinghouse.

Personally, I kind of wished manufacturers would come up with some sort of standard input lag tests and start posting input lag specs like they do with response time and so forth. Or that more TV review sites would pay attention to, and measure, input lag. Makes things tough on us gamers as they are now.
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I usually use the component cables for Xbox 360 but I switched to HDMI to see if it would help but I saw no big difference. But at the moment I am trying to find a new tv with less lag, and sadly I can't return this one before black Friday =/

And I totally agree with reviews and wish there was a way to see input lag results besides scouring through forums.
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I've been looking around a little myself for low input lag TVs and I've got my eye on these two, though I may end up going with a 47" in the end:


LG 42LS3400

I don't know of direct input lag measurements posted anywhere (but, could web search the model# and "input lag" and see the general impressions), but, both are 60hz which should knock down some input lag right off the bat. LG's 60hz tvs typically do well in terms of input lag from the reading I've done and televisioninfo really liked it, and, as for the JVC, thepoohcontinuum himself from the input lag wars thread tested a slightly older model and found it to have very good input lag. Just guesswork, but I have feeling either would be fairly solid choice.
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You might be able to shave off a bit more input lag by tracking down a 360 VGA cable and using the VGA input on your television since some HDTVs turn off all video processing on that input.

One other thing to consider is that the new Need For Speed has an unstable frame rate (Digital Foundry measured dips as low as 20fps) which has a negative impact on controller response. If NFS is the only game that lags to the point of being unplayable, then your TV may not be the only source of input lag.
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NFS isn't the only game that lags, it's just the most noticeable because car controls are often very tight. Also I definitely plan on getting a new tv, because the CS570 I have is in my apartment at school and I am home now for Thanksgiving. After playing on my family's 3-4 year old 42 inch LG LCD, I can tell that my set is definitely much laggier. And this is with the older tv's game mode off. Well I guess I have my work cut out for me in this search.

Also, I am not sure about how refresh rate works, but will 60Hz be a noticeable difference from 120? I don't like jarred/stuttery images in panning shots or moving text, but I don't know if it depends on the console or source or whatever too. Thanks again guys.

Oh and Tom, do you know how the picture is on that LG you linked? I had an LED LCD a year ago and my god, I had to get rid of it. The clouding on this Samsung was the worst thing I had ever seen and I could not watch anything in a dark room if it had any black images in the picture at all.
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If I were to buy similar LG you mentioned, like the 42LS5700, would it be laggier because of the 120Hz, or is it just 120 with that cinema motion / true motion stuff turned on?
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Bump? desperate here
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