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Braindead-simple workflow to convert physical discs to use in AppleTV3?

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Hi all, I hope someone can help me here.

I'm very much bi-platform, meaning I use a mishmash of computers at home (I have an embarrassingly large number for a variety of reasons), and normally try to use the fastest/easiest/best tool for the job. As a computer tech, not a lot scares me.

BUT I have a family friend who wants to get rid of his DVD and Blu-ray collection and move to AppleTVs. He only has Macs in the house, of unknown vintage but all likely fairly recent models.

I usually do my ripping and file prep on my PC, which is the fastest machine in the house, and then dump the finished files to my Mac to host in iTunes for distribution to ATVs around the house, so my workflow won't work for him.

What are the current tools of choice, and is there a simple workflow that I can lay out for him? The multi-step process I use for my files (rip DVD or BR with DVDfab, Handbrake to ATV2 format overnight, Tag with MetaX, move finished M4V to Mac over home network, drop onto iTunes) before sending the file to my Mac to add to iTunes is likely a little more than he'll like, being "enthusiastic" but frankly not overly savvy. Particularly when it comes to subtleties like interlaced TV shows or DVDs (becoming more rare, thank goodness) and subtitles (still a major thorn in my side).

Back in the day, I used MacTheRipper, but threads I've seen seem to indicate that's not the tool of choice these days. I've seen references to MakeMKV and iVI in threads like this one, but I don't/haven't used those tools (MakeMKV a few times on the PC, but never on the Mac, and I was doing complex tasks, not simple stuff) and I don't know the actual workflow, plus I'll need to break it down to super-simple step-by-step instructions for him.... hopefully not too many steps.

Ideally, there is something as simple as:

1) Launch Program A to Rip, insert disc and hit Rip.
2) Launch Program B to convert (Handbrake, or something else?), select the folder, Select AppleTV3 Preset, and hit Go.
3) Launch Program C to Tag, drop M4V file onto window.
4) Drop file onto iTunes window to add to library. Done.

And anything that can cut out a step here to there would be even better. smile.gif

Am I hoping for too much, or can an older, non-technical user really handle a workflow like this, by now?

EDIT: iVI PRo is definitely starting to look promising. I really don't want to buy it, however, since I already have a workflow I'm happy with. Can anyone comment on how the iVI workflow compares to ripping, Handbraking, and tagging (via MetaX, Subler, whatever)?
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Personally, I let Handbrake do all the ripping/re-encoding. Select Handbrake's AppleTV3 setting for the best results. You may also want to make sure that under Subtitles, you have "Forced Subtitles" selected. I've gotten in trouble with some movies having subtitles that I hadn't anticipated having sub-titles (Avengers, X-Men First Class).

Subler is the best metadata handler (I've always had lots of trouble with MetaX) and you can set Handbrake to open Subler when the encode is done. Save the file in iTunes/iTunes Media/Automatically Add to iTunes and you're done.
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iVI Pro is great. It should do what you want. I don't think iVI will (the one in the Mac App Store). It automates the whole process.

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Can you do one rip which will play equally well on Apple TV 3 or iPads/iPhones?

Or do you need to have different resolution targets?
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As far as I know, he just wants to feed an ATV3, so the preset should be fine.

I think (tho I could be wrong) that current iPads can play ATV3-encoded files, though. I'd be surprised if not. Probably the same story with the iPhone 5, for that matter. Regardless, ATV is the main target. I know I haven't had any problems, so far, playing ATV2-formatted movies on my iPad2.

rstewar: Handbrake can't rip. It can use VLC for sort of "rip-on-the-fly" for DVDs, but it doesn't actually rip, itself. And that option doesn't work for Blu-rays at all.

I'm leaning towards iVi Pro, as possibly the most streamlined, all-in-one solution. I may have to see if I can get a copy to play with and test for him, and see how it compares to Handbrake-based solutions.
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