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For Sale: Bill Fitzmaurice THT for 'sale'

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$100 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Bill Fitzmaurice THT for 'sale'

Will Ship To: Nowhere -- local only

I'm making quotation marks with my fingers because the "price" is one case of Sam Adams Boston Lager.

Sorry to say, I love it, and it crushes, but our family is growing and I've lost the sq-ft argument with the spousal unit.

Bill's info: http://billfitzmaurice.com/THT.html


here it is next to my TT:


The THT is obviously on the left. The unit looks the same as this shot from summer of 2008, it wasn't veneered nor painted. I've been running it with a QSC amp and EQ'd via a behringer, in a smoke free house and in an air-conditioned basement: http://hakalugi.net/images/ht-2008.png. It's been flawless, and slams sooo hard, yet with fantastic quality. The only thing you "need" is to be sure that your receiver can set the "speaker distance" of your sub - not only the actual distance of the sub from your ears but add 20 more feet for the path length of the horn, this will have its sound arriving at your ears when your other output does.

The price (1 case of beer and you haul away) is for the THT itself empty. If you'd like it with the driver:

A Dayton RSS390HO-4 15" Reference HO Subwoofer 4 Ohm bought from parts express:


then add $100 to the deal and its yours.

I'm in Northern Virginia, you picking it up at my place is a must, as is bringing at least 1 other strong friend so the 3 of us can get it out of my basement

EDIT - i just added a photo of my TT (smaller than the THT for sale here), I didn't keep any THT construction pics. they were both built the same way: baltic birch plywood, bradnailer to hold while the slightly expanding gorilla glue takes hold.
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Very interested. Where are you in northern VA? Im in NC. I want the cabinet and driver. I assume the driver is still in good shape. Thank you for your time.
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