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Looking to get a new TV, and I can't decide what to get!

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I currently have a Sanyo 42" and a HD66 projector(120"). Both of them are having issues at the same time(Sanyo has lines down right hand side, and the HD66 needs the DMD chip replaced)

They are both hooked up to computers. The HD66 is basically for my xbox and movies, it has the surround sound and everything hooked up. I changed the thermal paste, and will soon be ordering a new DMD chip for it - but I am testing the theory that the bad thermal paste caused the issues with the DMD chip.

The Sanyo is about 4 years old and has been pretty decent. I like the picture well enough, but it the screen is separating I think. I will probably try to fix it after I replace it. I use it 90% of the time, and I use it 100% of the time hooked to a computer. I use it from about 10 foot away and it is what I am typing on currently. I don't have cable or an antenna and I use it as a big computer monitor.

I have been wading through the options and here is what I have come up with:

1) 65" Toshiba 65HT2U (It was used as a display for about 3 weeks, made in June 2012, and I can get it for $800. Manufacturer warranty will be in effect as well as $65 for a 2 year extension )

2) 60" LED Vizio Razor E601i-A3. ($688 on black friday @ walmart. $890 normally for me.)

3) 73" Mitsubishi WD-72C12 DLP RPTV. ($1000)

4) 55" Sanyo DP5541 ($650 with free wall mount)

5) Sharp LC-60E69U ($890)

I really have had absolutely no problems with the picture on the Sanyo I have currently besides the malfunction, and I really don't have an issue with its size. I measured the space my TV is in, and the 73" Mitsubishi will just fit in the space perfectly. Currently my computer and everything is in another room and everything is wireless. Even the TV power cord is ran through the wall so the TV floats magically on the wall. My only real 100% requirement is a VGA, DVI, or HDMI input and the TV being able to go to sleep after the inputs shut off so I don't have to turn the TV off an on, this current sanyo has never had the power button pushed besides power outages. I would like to stay under $1200, but it is what it is and I don't show the wife the bills I pay:)

I know there are theoretical differences between the pictures of the the above TVs and the different inputs and such in general, but in real life they all seem pretty even in actual real life performance.(kind of like political parties, haha). I will properly set up the picture of whatever TV I get. Do any of you have any other suggestions to toss into the hat or any favorites in the list? Thanks.
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from your list, I will go with E601i-A3. you may also consider TC-L55ET5,
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I ended up getting the Toshiba 65" for $600 and added the extended warranty for $60. I was going to get the vizio 60", but this was cheaper, bigger, and it is working fine. The picture was absolutely sucktastic out of the box and I still have to spend a good couple hours with it. The VGA input does not do 1080p, and I had to get a DVI to HDMI converter and then change the video type around (native I think I put it on). I have a good computer image. I was kind of put out when my vga didn't work and almost returned it. I don't even have cable or a antenna. My tv is just a computer monitor for me, but everything is fine now.
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