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Hi All,

Just found out that SVS are now offering two new subwoofers - the SB1000 (12" Front Firing Sealed) at $499 & the PB1000 (10" Front Firing & Ported) also at £499!! I think it is great tehy are now offering products at the more affordable end of the market & a smaller options for those who cannot accommodate their usual behemoths!

I look forward to reading about people opinions on these & whether you folks think they are any good! The only downside for me is by the time they are offered here in England they will probably cost 3 times as much as you guys can get then for! If anyone is planning to visit my beautiful country anytime soon, let me knwo so I ask you to bring a couple over for me!


PS: Just realised I should have posted this is the subwoofer section! Forgive me - it is 03:22 in London! Maybe mods can delete?
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