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I've been a PC Gamer for about 10 years now. I've always purchased some type of Soundblaster for every PC I've built. But now, I've evolved into being a HTPCer. I bought a nice projocter that does 3D, with a 100' picture. So using my Logitech Z-5500s in a 12'x12' space isn't bad, But when I found a smoking deal for some Polk 30 bookshelves(4 of them) a CS10 Center and a PSW100 Sub, all for less than $400, I jumped on it. I found a Denon 1513 for about $150. So I'm feeling pretty good about that.

After doing lots of reading around the web, I've figured out that Audio off of my Videocard's HDMI is going to be better than some sort of 5.1 of Toslink, like Dolby Digital or DTS. Correct? PCM off of HDMI is better for gaming right?

So I love gaming, movies and music. If HDMI is better for for 5.1 gaming and Blurays, what about music. Is that a good reason to keep my X-Fi Titanium HD with it's amazing DAC. and pipe out analog over RCA for music? Because the Denon Reciever features something called Restorer, which is suppost to improve compressed audo from an anolog source. Because from I understand about this Creative HD card, it's supposed to sound very nice with a good sound system. But if it's no benifit, then why keep it.

So should I keep it, or sell it off?