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Hidden in-floor binding post solution

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Because of my living room layout, I need to have pedestal-mounted surround speakers. In order to avoid having speaker wires snaking across my living room floor, I would like to run the wires down from my receiver into a crawl space below, and then back up again through the floor to where the pedestals will be. However, I do not want to have ugly holes in my new hardwood floor. Ideally, I would like to install something like Floor Pockets in concept, but smaller, nicer looking and more discrete. Is there something built specifically for in-floor speaker connections designed to work in a hardwood floor?

Short of using wireless speakers, is there an alternative solution?
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A flush-mount floor outlet box will work (don't know how tough that would be to retrofit). Carlon has nice brass ones that will accept low-volt keystones:


That link is to the drop-in model, which should work for retrofit, but it may not end up "flush" with the floor like a new-work unit would. With access from below, you might be able to use one of the new-work boxes and get a flush result...

Then you just get a pair of speaker connector keystones.

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Thanks for the very helpful reply, Jeff. Much appreciated.

What is a "new-work box"? Also, what are speaker "connector keystones" and where could I get them?
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Originally Posted by Detomaso Peter View Post

What is a "new-work box"? Also, what are speaker "connector keystones" and where could I get them?

"New work" = New construction, such that you have access to everything un-finished and in the process of building.

"retrofit" or "old work" = existing construction, finished, such that you don't have access to everything without destroying and starting over...

Keystones are the generic term for low-volt modular connectors. Monoprice has a bunch of them, and you can get brand-name (better built and fitting, but more expensive) Leviton products at Home Depot. For example:


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Thanks again, Jeff. I really appreciate your taking the time to explain this to me.

Thanks to you, I have a pretty good grip on what I need to do.

- Peter
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This is what I used for a floor cover on my stage. It's also one less connection point between your receiver and your speaker:

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Thanks, Jason. I had actually looked at the cover plates you used, but decided they will not work for me because they would be installed in the middle of my living room floor where people would be walking on them all the time.

Thanks again for taking the time to post.
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I have a similar situation, this is what I installed but looking for a better way.

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Thanks for sharing your photo, aloncoen.

Your flooring is almost identical in appearance to mine. The brass looks very nice, and my electrician showed me a similar box that he suggested could be modified for speaker cable connectors, but I am convinced there must be a smaller, less obtrusive solution out there. I guess we will just have to keep searching.

My current thinking is that perhaps a finishing carpenter might be able to cut a small removable plug out of the hardwood flooring. This would leave a small hole that speaker cable could be fed through, and hidden by placing the speaker stand above it. When not needed, the speaker stands would be removed, the speaker wire disconnected (or, in my case, pulled back down into the basement below) and the plug inserted to fill the hole. If the carpenter was skillful, the plug should be almost invisible.

- Peter
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Be sure to show photos when you're finish.
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There does not appear to be any elegant solution to this dilemma out there so, for the time being, I have reverted to having loose cables snaking all over the floor.
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