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I don't know if this is the right place to post this since the questions involves aspects of my HTPC, 3D, and my panasonic TC-P55ST30 TV. I could not find a 3D specific section on this board.

So if I were to backup my 3D blurays onto my HTPC, would I be able to play them on my TV.

AMD X3 720 BE
2x 4850 (crossfired) with HDMI connection
Biostar motherboard

I am confused about a number of things. Some online discussion seems to suggest that some (if not all) 3D TVs can play SBS/MKV natively (e.g., just plug a USB stick into the TV). I can't tell whether my TV can or not.

However, I would like to back up my 3D blurays to my HTPC anyway. So will my TV detect that the signal is 3D if I play an MKV file that is SBS? is there something special that I need to do?

I am thinking about downloading a 3D sample mkv from here: