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Mitsu HC5500 - good deal?

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Not really looking for a replacement projector yet; a friend is looking to sell me his HC5500 to me for six hundred. I currently have an Infocus IN72 480p DLP projector and would love the bump to 1080p. Any concerns I should look out for on a projector that is starting life on it's third bulb? Any long term happy owners out there?

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The HC5500 is a 3LCD machine, not DLP.. Polarizers and panels tend to fail with age. Is the current lamp new or at the end of it's life. If at the end I would only spend $300 on it..
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Yeah; I know it's a 3lcd setup - frankly, from what I've been reading, it should be a world quieter than my Infocus.

Fairly new lamp; about a month old. Friend has had the unit for 2 years at this point. I've been doing reading about the inorganic LCD panels in this unit holding up - but haven't seen much on the polarizers.
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Well as far as used goes, you do have a good advantage knowing who owned it and how it was used. You also an see what it looks like! If you are happy with the picture (no convergence issues, All white display look uniform and free of color, new lamp (hopefully and OEM and not a knock off) $600 is probably fair.. see if he will go $500..
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Yeah. The more I think about it, the more I want to see how it operates. I saw it about a year ago - stunning picture, low noise. I know he takes care of his equipment; however I know the chances of it being an "OEM" bulb are slim. That and just saw a deal on a Pro8200 for 700 + $50 gift card... makes it hard to justify a projector with possibly 10k hours on it already.
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Put it to him that way and offer him $250!
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Alright - so a shift in thinking; been digging for a little bit about projectors and I know that DLP is king when it comes to low cost HD projectors. Any thoughts on basic (no 3d no real frills needed) 3LCD projectors say in the 1000$ range then? I know this is a shift in the thread, but I want to know what options I have. The used projector looks less and less appetizing from an hours perspective, but it would work wonderfully in my room setup, and I'm attracted towards the lower noise of an LCD setup.
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If I were you, I would offer him $250 for it and go as high as $350. You will be thrilled with the image compared to the old SD projector. If he won't budge then go for new, but I think the 5500 for $300 is a better bet than an entry level DLP, and I am a DLP fan and HATE LCD. Now if you were looking at a New HC4000 or HC8000 then I would say go for it and forget about LCD..
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The more I look at newer DLP offerings and their fixed vertical offsets, it doesn't seem attractive to me to buy one. I have about 9'10" from the projector lens (in72) to the screen, and with something like an HD4000 I'd have to drop my screen at least a foot based on projectorcentral's calculations. Not that I'm against that; just don't want the screen to be too low - my ceilings are barely 8' drywalled in the basement where this setup resides. I've not ever owned a non DLP projector, but the noise (given such a small room too) reduction leans me towards LCD as well.

I don't really NEED an upgrade right now, but I don't need ripped off when I'm trying to pay off other bills either. I know my friend is probably able to negotiate, but I'm really willing to walk away from this if it's too high. I guess the long and short of it is - I don't want to invest the 600$ he wants into a projector when it could be a brick tomorrow with no possibility of fixing. That was my main concern with the hours I know are on it.

I've got a lot more research to do I guess before I make the decision - at least on the new projectors. I'm not too worried on getting something quick either - and I thank everyone in this thread for their honest opinions!
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I own the 5500 and I just bought the JVC RS45 (not shipped yet).

At the time I chose it as
1) availalbe (panasonic was probably best in class but in Canada had a crazy mark up making it prohibitive)

2) quiet

3) bright

4) good reviews

5) long bulb life

Having owned it for 3 years I have a few thoughts on it.

Great for sports, video games, TV and some movies...... the only weakness is for dark scenes.

I will be looking to sell mine once the dust settles on the shiping and placement of the my hope is to make 400 to 500 on a sale. I think 250 is a lowball offer..... 350 is a good friend price 400 some odd is probably not out of the question. 500+ is for those who are patient (based on seeing a few on ebay at that price).

My advice..... for replacement bulbs get an original I saved a lot getting a cheap bulb from China but it was not nearly as bright. Colour is good but if you want that pop you won't get it..... mind you I am basing that on a sample size of two. The original bulb vs a cheap bulb.

I think sweet spot for a new projector is around 2K so to get a decent old pj for 300 to 500 is pretty good deal..... especially since pjs depreciate fairly quickly.

For me I'm jazzed about upgrading to the RS 45 as there are so many improvements that it will be a quantum leap in performance. Plus I'm pairing it with a darblet..... will probalby try the darblet on the 5500 as years of viewing with it will make for good A b comaprrisions.

this wil likely be the oj for me till the prices come down on 4K pjs with LED or Laser based lighting..... and support fgor 4K becomes more prominent.
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Friend just bought a Panny AE8000 to replace his 5500. Panny was damaged in shipping somehow, so he's back to his 5500 - and the knockoff bulb blew. He's getting a replacement. However, I told him I'm not able to do anything right now - $$ is too tight for that kind of risk. I'll keep looking at new I think - a good manufacturer and a good warranty go a long way.
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