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My set is about six years old, and had recently begun exhibiting yellow flesh tones and a darker picture.

I had bought my first new bulb from Mits and paid $300 for it. The bulb is mounted in a heavy duty cartridge with two screws holding it in. Anyway, I looked at Amazon, and they had the bulb in its cartridge for $33.79 ! I found that unbelievable, so I ordered one.

When I got it, it was exactly the same. So much the same the only way I could tell them apart was by the dust on the back of the old cartridge. The screws are attached so they can't fall out, so I pushed it in, tightened the screws, shut the door and wow. I couldn't believe how yellow my old bulb had become. I had to reset all the controls to default to have the colors, brightness, and contrast right.

They have a lot of TV brands, and they all look equally cheap. Just thought I'd pass it along.


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