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I currently have a 50 inch pioneer 1080i plasma and still think it has one of the best pictures around. I am looking to move this tv into a playroom and up grade to some thing in the 55 to 65 inch range. I have been out of the loop since I bought the last tv. So is plasma still the best and what is the best tv right now. I would also like it to integrate well with control 4 if any of you have experience with that.
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You're going to get a myriad of opinions on here, but I suppose that's exactly what you're looking for. I firmly believe plasma TV's are hands down the best way to go in virtually ever performance category. Contrast ratios, black levels, color reproduction, refresh rate, off angle viewing, the list goes on and on. IMO the only edge LCD's of any variety have the upper edge is sheer light output, however again IMO PDP'S get plenty bright. Your viewing environment is going to be a pretty big deciding factor for which display tech will work best but like I mentioned earlier, I'd suggest PDP'S, unless you're living in a warehouse. And as far as TV's go, I feel like the pretty overwhelming response you'll get is going to be the Panasonic VT50 which comes in both 55" and 65". If you're considering LED/LCD then look at some of the backlit (preferably local dimming models) not the edge lit types as from my experience most of the edge lits suffer from uniformity, of course some are better then others depending on model. And if you're going toward LED/LCD then the Sharp Elite would be the number one response you'll receive as well the problem their is that it's a big chunk of change for either size. They come in the 60" & 70" models. However if you can afford it IMO it's hands down the best performing LCD.
Other LED/LCD's to consider- LG LM7600 (though it is an edge lit I feel as though it performs very well and has local dimming which IMO is better than none, much better),
Sony XBR HX950 which is a full array local dimming, the best kind of LCD by far.
Sony HX850 (another edge lit but still a good performer and a local dimmer),
Samsung ES8000 (edge lit local dimming, I feel like this particular model is over priced though)
Other PDP'S to consider- Panasonic GT50, the step right below the flagship VT50, there is debate out there about much better this model is than the ST50, I'm on the fence about it. Regardless still a fantastic FP.
Panasonic ST50 I argue this is the best value/performer in its category this year and maybe ever for what you get as far as dollars per inch goes.
Panasonic UT50 (another great value for the dollar, performs incredibly well. The only thing it misses that the ST50 has is the Infinite Black Panel, which I think is a big helper in performance, and the UT50 doesn't handle ambient light very well so it'll have to be a darker environment.
Samsung E6500, has the Real Black Pro Panel which is Sammy's version of Infinite Black Panel which again I think helps in performance.
Samsung E8000, Sammy's tippy top PDP which is another great performer but at that price I might be swayed toward Panasonic because again IMO they're the best PDP manufacturer.

Sorry to overwhelm you with model numbers and etc but those are some of the best running TV's IMO. (Side note, the Sharp 640U is also a great TV for the $ but IMO but options out there)

In the end I think the best TV's available are being churned out by Panasonic and I'd recommend either the ST50, GT50, or VT50 because they have the best performance on the market and they're all versatile in the sense that they can perform exceptionally well in all viewing environments

Good luck with your decision! Keep us all updated
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Thanks for your detailed response. Hopefully I'm not hijacking this thread, but I was wondering if you could give some feedback. I hear people mention that the U50 needs a darker environment. I'm wondering what that might be considered? Right now I'm looking at these three choices:

Samsung UN60EH6000
Panasonic TC-P60U50
Vizio E601i-A3

I've steered clear of the plasma TVs, but my price point of around $1000 has made me add them as an option. My room is by no means bright, but it also not always as dark as a movie theater.

Thanks in advance!
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The Samsung and Vizio models you've listed aren't plasmas. I wouldn't get a Vizio; they have a reputation for unfixability. The "U50" doesn't "need" a darker environment but it'd be more watchable in one as it's relatively susceptible to glare.
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@ iamwildbill

Homerging is correct, the other Samsung and Vizio mentioned aren't PDP'S, rather LED based LCD'S. I also agree with Homerging about Vizio, personally cannot stand the brand and refuse to own one and that's the way I usually recommend. IMO you can find much more reliable, and better performing FP's for the same price point. That being said, I would recommend the U50 if there isn't a lot of natural light. Again Homerging is right about the fact that it doesn't have to be "theater dark" by any means to perform well, I'd just say it has to be "neutral". If you had a room which had an abundance of natural light then I'd recommend the EH6000. I like the fact that its a back lit LED based LCD instead of an edge lit (not a fan of edge lit LED/LCD'S) I've been fairly impressed with the EH6000 series as far PQ goes with excellent uniform brightness and fairly good color saturation. Ive also read some fairly impressive professional reviews for the TV, mainly by Scott Wilkinson on hthifi.com. IMO this one of the better LCD values of 2012.

However IMO, the U50 is the no brainer for you here if your viewing environment is how you describe. In terms of performance and PQ will outperform the LCD counterparts you've listed about above. Again all the I've seen from the U50 has been impressive and performs incredibly well for the $ and again IMO the best "Value" around for the price/performance stat.

Good luck with the decision!
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