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Netflix audio upgrade?

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Did anyone else notice that just recently audio across the board has been upgraded for instant watch titles on the Xbox Netflix app?

I turned on a show labelled only as "HD" (not 5.1) in which my AVR showed the normal "PL II" for Pro Logic, but just tonight it sounded much better, and now my AVR shows as "Dolby Digital." I then proceeded to go through title after title, "HD" or not, and they all sound better, and show "Dolby Digital" on my receiver.

Did Netflix just upgrade or am I just losing my mind here?
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I noticed that too but it seems to only be 2 channel Dolby digital for the non 5.1 titles. That's a problem for me because now I cannot use Dolby pro logic II on my denon AVR 790.
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I noticed this exact same thing. This is actually a huge problem and not an upgrade.

Previously audio came through as true 2.0 that my Onkyo receiver could mix with Pro Logic II. Now I no longer have that option.

Audio comes through as just the left and right channels on a 5.1 mix. There is no possible way to use Pro Logic II or Neo:6 etc to mix to send audio to center channel and surrounds.

This is a huge step back in audio for Netflix and they need to change it immediately.
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Noticed this too. Not good. Going to post to the Netflix Facebook page.
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Try changing your audio settings for your xbox from dolby digital to digital stereo. That way if it will force stereo audio and you can use pro logic or neo:6. The only downfall is you will have to change the settings back if you want to get true surround sound on 5.1 titles.
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Good idea. Thanks for the suggestion.
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I noticed that the Netflix app on Xbox 360 had the audio fixed tonight! Hooray!

I also just received a reply to the Reddit thread I started a few weeks ago:

working_at_netflix [+1] 2 points 14 minutes ago (2|0)
I brought this up to the Xbox team when you posted, and I've been told they just fixed this in the new version of the application that went out yesterday.
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