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Having trouble playing blu-ray movies on my PS3

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Hi everyone,

My PS3 (80gig fat PS3) is hooked up to my Harmon Kardon AVR247 receiver (via HDMI cable) and I'm having trouble playing any blu-ray movie with my PS3. When I try and load the movie, I get a black screen and nothing happens after that. At first I thought something might be wrong with my PS3, but when I plug my PS3 directly to my TV (via HDMI cable), it works fine. So I'm assuming that it must be some setting that got messed up either on my PS3 or my AVR247, but I don't remember making any changes to either recently. Until today, I was able to watch blu-ray movies without any issues since I got both my PS3 and my AVR247 which is going on 4 years now. I have no problems watching DVD movies or playing any of my PS3 games or watching movies stored on a USB flash drive.

I rest my PS3 settings to default twice. Once I did the trick of holding down the PS3 power button for 3 seconds.

Any ideas as to what might have happened that would cause me to be unable to watch blu-ray movies?

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I'm going to try to do this from memory, so bear with me.

Under Game on the XMB, either in Saved Data Utility or Game Data Utility, you'll find a section for BD Data or something like that. Delete the contents. If this isn't specific enough to assist, let me know and I'll look on the system when I have it available, or maybe someone else can post up with specifics.
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Thanks for the reply!

I did delete some of the BD Data (not all). For example I was trying to watch The Avengers and I didn't have any BD data for that movie. I'll delete all BD Data and see if that works, but why would the data prevent me from watching a blu-ray movie while my PS3 is hooked up to my Harmon Kardon, but works fine when I hook it up directly to my TV?
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Ah, sorry, I completely overlooked that item. No idea, makes no sense to me. I'd say you have an HDMI board problem in the HK, but the fact that everything works except BDs is really odd.
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Hi Fatbob73, on the PS3 try turning off "Deep Color/Colour Output (HDMI)" under Display Settings.
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Hi JChin, I set "Deep Color/Colour Output (HDMI)" to off (I had it set to automatic), but I still have the problem. I tried another blu-ray, Harry Potter Deathly Hallow Part 2. With that movie I see the loading animation (a disc that is spinning), and once that animation is gone I get a black screen. I'm assuming that I get the black screen right at the moment that the movie's menu appears. I also noticed that the moment my screen turns black and I hear that the disc stops spinning, my TV displays information indicating that it's back to 720p from 1080p. I figured maybe I'm having trouble displaying something that is 1080p, but I tried playing Gran Turismo 5 which is 1080p, and that works fine and my TV correctly displays that I'm running in 1080p.
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In case anyone should have this issue here is the solution that worked for me. I had to turn "BD 1080p 24Hz output (HDMI)" off. It was set to automatic and by switching it to off, I am now able to watch blu-ray movies again on my PS3. biggrin.gif

Odd that I was able to watch movies with "BD 1080p 24Hz output (HDMI)" set to automatic when my PS3 was hooked up directly to my TV, but through my AVR247, I have to switch it off. What is even more odd is that I don't remember changing that setting. I wonder if it got changed when I updated the PS3's firmware to 4.31? confused.gif
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It actually makes sense, and I'm surprised I did not think about it. The receiver is able to pass 24hz, so the PS3 detects it is capable and turns on 24hz when the source material is 24hz. When directly connected to the TV, it knows the TV can't display it, so it switches to 60hz.

There was an update a while back that gave us the automatic setting, strange that it did nothing until recently unless you had really old firmware.
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Maybe a more recent firmware changed the default from off to auto?
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