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I was wondering if anyone here has ever had a problem getting a PS3 to display in "Just scan" mode with this tv. I have researched and googled for the past two weeks without any success. What's weird is that i my PS3 will work in "just scan" mode while in the PS3 menu. However, when i load up a game, the Samsung automatically reverts back to 16:9. However, if i load a blue ray movie into the PS3, the movie will load and display in "just scan" mode. I have it hooked up via HMDI and i even when out and bought a shorter 6 ft monster HDMI cable to see if this would correct the problem.

Furthermore, i have another Samsung Dlp 67 (2008 model) inch that displays perfectly in "just scan" mode with a PS3. I have two playstation 3's and all settings on both units are exactly the same.

My question is this, is there a setting in the service menu that would correct this? What if i renamed one of the HDMI inputs to game or pc? I tried this but with no success. Also, i have the latest firmware and update from 2008 on this particular model.

This is very frustrating and i have relentlessly tried to resolve this problem. Still, why would the Samsung display a blue ray movie in just scan via the ps3 but automatically revert to 16:9 when a game loads up? Is there some kind of hand shaking issue going on while the game loads or is there another solution.

Also, tv is not in shop mode...

Thanks for your help,