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a new 3d smart tv. ?? pasive or active ? eny surgestions ?

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as said. im considering getting a new tv. at the moment i have a sony. KDL 37V5500.
witch is ok. but shows lag sometimes. as i belive its 50 hz.

so im looking for a new tv. 40"-46" 42"prefered.
and would like 3D. i have experienced it in a shop. with a pasive LG tv.. and it worked good i think.
the first time i have experienced 3D. it ususaly dosent work for me.
and the 3d glasses fitted over my own glasses.

so having been irretated about the lag for a long time ad wanting 3D. and have begun using netflix. so also would like a smart tv. for netflix and youtube.

i have been looking all over for info. but am still confused. and the more i read the more confused i am.

at first i was like going for active 3D glasses. since i was thinking it was the best. (not so sure enymore)
so i was going for a samsung. or perhaps a sony. But now im thinking a LG 3D smart. tv. like a LG 42LM669T TV. but it is a bit expensive.
but i would rather pay abit more and not having to regret the buy later on.

and being abit afraid of getting 50hz again i have looked at the samsung. but they dont show the real hz. only some fake hz.
so im not sure about them enymore. (if you want let peaple know the trouth. youre not proud of it)

and some says they get pain or there eyes gets tired fast. wiht the active glasses. and eyes have it better with pasive.

and since i havent tryed active and i couldent try it in the shop. i have ot go wiht what i have experienced to work.
and then were back to a LG 3D tv.

those glasses also fitted nicely over my own glasses. (havent tryed eny active. so i dont know about them)

and im also going for a tv with a A or A+ in power saver. to save electricity.

do i also need a 3D blu ray player to watch 3D movies ? i heard that PS3 could do it ??

can they make normal tv or movies into 3D ??

eny surgestions. hints advices would be help full.

at the moment i have.

KDL 37V5500 tv.
STR DH800 reciver.
BDP S360 bluray player.
PS3. a old one.

and some other stuff
like a few dvd players and a hdd recorder.and a wii. and a squissebox. i dont use enymore
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at the moment im looking at the LG Model 42LM640T. its rather cheap. i think eny experience with it ?
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Don't have a 42LM640T but my brother has the 47LM5800 and the 3D is pretty good on it. It's passive also.
Yes you will need a 3D Blu-ray player to watch 3D movies and every PS3 is capable of that.
I believe all LG 3DTVs have a 2D to 3D conversion and it works pretty well.
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