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Magnavox MDR515H - Help!

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I've had my Magnavox MDR515H for a few years and love it. But recently whenever I record, whether to hard drive or DVD, the sound is really low. Previous recordings, whether on the hard drive or DVD, are fine. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be the problem?
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Check your Channel > TV Audio Select menu and make sure its on "STEREO."

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Not sure exactly what you mean.....cannot find any menu where I can select 'stereo'. But I think it is on 'stereo' by default.
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In the Channel menu

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Yes, I think you got it! Just made sure it said stereo, did a brief record to the hard drive, and the sound is much better!

Now, one more question, if you won't mind. Do you have any idea what code I can use to program my remote for the DVR? I found a code which turns the power on/off, and play/pause/stop/FF etc. But this code does not give me 'volume control' functionality, or mute functionality. Any ideas?
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I mean my cable company remote....
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See this help file on a Philips 7-Device Universal Remote that works great with our DVDRs AND can control your cable box as well.


You might see if any of those codes work with the cableco remote... it's all I got to offer.

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I'll give it a shot.

Thank you for all your help......you've been a lifesaver!
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Yes, some codes may work.

You can try 30646 which may give you much of the functionalities, in my case the Channel +/- did not work but I got most of the remainder.

Otherwise, I just find out half an hour ago by reading my Onkyo AVR and Magnavox manuals that the MDR515H is an HDMI CEC compliant (or RIDH compliant) device.
That is why some specific dedicated BlurayDisc (BD) and DVD codes may also work.
These are general RIDH codes for any brands of DVD and BD players that are RIHD, and that may or may not work depending if your own device is RIHD or HDMI CEC compliant.
Here you go:
32910, 33101,33501 or 31612.
If none of these work, I am sorry, I have shared my best.

An saddly, don't expect any help from magnavox/funaiservice; I think that their recent association with amazon has turned the servoice department into diarrhea mode. Saddly, the amazon effect is the same anywhere, it appears, it kills anything it touches...

PS: You won't find any code, I believe, that will give you volume or mute control because the Magnavox Remote itself does not have a volume or mute on it.

Take care,

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