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I decided to go Control4 need help with picking phone/intercom system that works well with it

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After 2 weeks of trying to decide Crestron or Control4, i opted for the control 4 pkg, but now im trying to pick a phone/intercom system that will be compatible and might have some cool features too. I really just want to be able to see and hear who's at my door when doorbell rings on either the tv im watching at the time or to ring my cellphone/ipad when im in my house network area. or from one of my control4 panels installed in the wall. does anyone have any ideas? it would be greatly appreciated. Also does anyone have a guage on how much on average a control4 certified programmer should be charging?

thanks in advance for some help
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Control4 has an intercom system and a doorphone with a built-in camera.

The intercom/camera is integrated into the 7" Control4 touchscreens,and the Control4 portable touchscreen. You cannot see who's at the door via the Control4 TV interface, only on the touchscreens listed above.

I'm surprised that your Control4 dealer hasn't mentioned this. Have you selected a dealer as yet?
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I would use the Control4 intercom/door station if you are going with Control4 as the backbone of the solution. It integrates very well.

Control4 programming is usually between $100 and $150 per hour. How much are they charging you?

Travis Leo
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He did mention the the touch screens but what if I don't have the touch screen near me, is there a better option. Maybe even touch screens and something else
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Travis, he is charging me $200 for 1st 100 hours and 150 for anything after that,
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$200 for 100 hours...Chinese programmer?

Seriously, how long does it take to program a complex C4 install? 10 Hours? 100 Hours? Does the installer usually do the programming, or is it a separate programming firm?
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he anticipated 65 hours at 150 but that includes my audio system, cable tv and other components as well. Is this way to much? should i be getting a discount off the list price of the control4 components as well? what is customary?
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I don't know how much lighting or other items you have, but that sounds like a lot of money to me. Where are you located?
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That seems crazy high to me. We charge $125 per hour for all programming (Savant/AMX/Control4) but the beauty of Control4 is that it shouldn't take very long to program a system like that. I can't see it taking any more than 30-40 hours, tops!

Call me if you want to talk more about this. My contact information is on our web site.

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thanks travis, i think i will take you up on your offer and call you. by the way you have a very impressive website... let me first give you a brief rundown of what i think i want.
i have 6 total possible bedrooms, theater, great room/ bar entertainment room, family room , and a gym, also outdoor patio/pool area and all the normal house rooms kitchens , powder rooms, baths , dining room , hallways etc...
i would like :
security system, including outdoor cameras, maybe a couple indoor by the kids playroom
music in each room
approx 10 tvs
lighting control
intercom/phone system
possibly door lock
pool/jacuzzi control

all from a home automation system (control 4 is what im leaning towards)

everyday it seem like i meet someone new that gives me reasons to change my thoughts and go with other options, today it was lutron instead of control 4 for lights,
i want a system that works well and will be able to grow with future apps and options as they present themselves( just saw video demonstrating motion sensors for control 4 that were place around pool area and notified homeowner when someone was near the pool, either for small children (which i have) or unauthorized use of pool(nightime or when your on vacation). i like the look of lutron switches vs control 4 , but is that enough of a reason to switch systems? the more i research the more confused i get, and i just dont want to hand over the keys to someone that may just be interested in selling me what he will be getting the highest mark up from.
what should i do???????
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forgot to mention, this is new construction, and the electrician is waiting on my decision:eek:
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You're going to mess this up, without an experienced pro making decisions for you.

If you can't stomach the price, scale back your needs to something that is affordable to you.

Wire for everything, install the basics, and expand piecemeal. But get the system designed correctly, by a thoroughly experienced integrator, with references. The integrator should be talking to the electrician, or the LV pro should be installing the LV cables.

You need to find an integrator you feel you can trust.
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