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someone help me ... so many options.

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OK so im looking for a 60 inch tv. And I realize that the panasonic 60st50 is a pretty good starting point.

However im wondering if I need all that tv. Why?

Well, my tv is in my open concept living room that i like to watch it from everywhere ( kitchen ) up to 40 feet.
- I have only a 720p capable cable box. Dont have a blue ray player and dont plan on having it down here.
- I pretty much only watch golf football hockey and baseball. News.
- I have an apple tv
- I dont have a blu ray player in this room for movies.

I Just want a solid tv, at a good price, and good size.
dont need all the bells and whistles. But if i have to i will.

please convince me.
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If you want a TV with better-than-average picture quality then the bells and whistles will be standard equipment - whether you choose to use them or not. If not, just ignore them.

Based on your details (especially the 720p limitation which is odd), i think you should consider the Samsung PNE6500 or PNE7000 series instead of a Panasonic (which doesn't display 720p nearly as well as Samsung does).

If you can do without an Anti-Reflective Filter and want to spend less money, check out the PNE550 or PNE530 series.
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yeah i hear ya on samsungs . Ive only had issues with the two ive owned . the last one a thin black line has run through it after 2 years so im moving it to the basement.

however thanks for the info randy.
Im kinda considering the panasonic p60u50 because of the size and price. I just cant fathom spending 2 grand on a tv that i dont watch blue ray on ( or dont maximize its abilities with blu ray), not interested in the 3d and i believe the apple tv does the smart tv applications that i need.

RANDY about the 720p , my provider her in canada ( telus) supplies my cable. now it is HD but like most if not all they only provide it in 720 not 1080. It is still considered HD but not blu ray level. And It will not be happening for quite a while. So because all i watch is tv my 1080 p tv is in another room with my blu ray player. This tv is more for tv and entertaining with.

thanks again
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I believe Randy was not referring to 1080p, but rather 1080i....Most providers in the US are able to do both 1080i and 720p.....Since you ahve an open concept living, lighting and glare might be a factor, if they are you may want to stay away from the U50, you may save money, but the lack of a good AR filter would probably drive you nuts (This on top of the SD performance).....the Samsungs Randy mentioned both are good for bright room viewing....Only your eyes will be able to give the true test though, might want to see if you can check out the TVs at a local shop...
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interesting. I have the samsung pn50b400 and was looking for a good replacement. Im just kinda disturbed by the customer service samsung has. But that is another story.

It was a good tv before the thin black line. and suits my room fairly well.

how does it compare to the u or the ut?


thanks in advance
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