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Help with hiding all my A/V equipment

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I just bought my first house about a year ago and plan to finish my basment sometime in the near future. I plan to mount a 60"+ LED TV on the wall and run all my a/v lines to the utility room where I will have my A/V equipment. (I also might do a projector but not sure yet) I will have a dirctv receiver, PS3 and Home theatre receiver. My question is, how would I control these decives from the family room since they are all hidden. Im already running my Directv receiver upstairs on R/F since its hidden in the closet so I probably can't do that with this one since they will most likely interfere. I'm new to all this and any help would be appreciated.

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The DirecTV RF remotes are "paired" with the receiver - you can use more than one with no problems...

If you put the whole stack in one location, you can use an HDMI-over-cat5e extender with IR repeating to handle this. I'd recommend the HDBaseT technology to do this, and Monoprice has a great little unit which includes IR repeating as well as Ethernet in the mix:


Also, spend some time reading in the 'Home A/V Disttribution" forum a few down from here, where this topic is common...

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I have the exact same setup... Search logitech RF remotes (Logitech's Harmony 890), they do have more advanced models but they are awesome!
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Thanks for the responses so far. I have one question though, why would I need to hook up cat5? Can anyone show me a wiaring diagram?

Thanks again...
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Pretty much what's been said here. In general you would use either an IR repeater kit or an RF remote.
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I did try an ir repeater first, that being said my lighting in my theater badly affected it when i tried using my remotes, it was a pain. Bought the logitech remote it worked flawlessly.. (Not saying that you would have the same problem, but just throwing it out there)....
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I have a pair of Harmony 900 remotes for my basement. One for my theater, one for the living room. They work quite well. A little lag sometimes, but overall very good. The lag was noticed when adjusting the volume on my Denon. I moves very slowly 1 touch at a time. But if you hold it down, the lag could bite you and take the volume too high. It's a bit of a balancing act.
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Or in other words, just buy a harmony remote and it should be able to control my future a/v receiver and directv without interfering with my upstairs directv thats using RF? It sounds like I shouldnt have to worry about my ps3 since its bluetooth and will only be about 15 feet away and only traveling through one wall.

Does that sound right?

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I have two rf direct tv remotes in my house and the logitech remote, there is no interference with the logitech remote.
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