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Comcast Remote Question

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I have a Silver DVR Comcast remote and I have a ProScan 50" TV. I want to be able to switch through the sources on my TV by just using the Comcast remote.

My question is, how do I set up the 'input' button on my Comcast remote so that it will actually work with my TV?
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Post the full model number of your TV and the current TV setup code that you're using on your comcast remote. I assume the current code at least does power and volume, correct?

As a test. in TV mode, tap the setup key followed quickly by 00059. On the last digit, the input should change or the input window should appear. If that works, assign it to the input button permanently using the advanced codes procedure in the manual programming instructions at the wiki link in my signature.
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Proscan PLCD5092A 50 Class LCD HDTV. The code for the TV is 11100. Yes, it turns off and on the tv and the volume works too.

When I tried that test nothing happened at all.
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Are you sure about that, because 11100 is a sony code? If it really is sony, you could try 00034 or 00239 for input.

If those codes don't work, you'll need to post in the hifi-remote.com/forum so someone can get the correct code from the harmony database. I'm coming up empty on my searches.

Another thing you could try is every possible code from 00000 through 00255. The signal is sent when you press the last digit. Takes about 15 minutes to try them all.
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Yeah I'm sure that's what it is because I tried all the ProScan recommended codes and none worked so I had to search for it by pressing channel up until it turned off my tv. Then I went back and checked it to see what the code was and I wrote down 11100. Then to make sure that's what it was I went back and programmed it to that code and it works.

When I press the input button on my remote a little screen pops up on the bottom corner of the tv that changes the visual settings and it switches through standard, movie, user, and dynamic settings.
I tried the couple codes you said and nothing happened for all besides when I put in the 00239 it popped up that little screen in the bottom corner I was talking about.

I don't know if it is registering that as the input, but I want it to switch through the sources like HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and so on and not just through the picture settings.
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Go ahead and post at hifi-remote in the code search area and ask if someone can get the codes for your model from the harmony database and post the EFC for the Input command to use with TV setup code 11100. You could go ahead and try every code from 00000-00255, but that won't get all of the possibilities with this sony protocol. When you post a code search over there, please fill out the template.
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