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The Alberta Room , building and planing

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Well here goes , im about to start building a room for Home theater, At this moment i have a mismosh of gear and wanted to get some advice im running older Yamaha rvx 2700 amp/reciever i have a set NHT bookshelds 3c i believe and a 2 c centre energy rvss rear surrounds and a mirage s12 powered subwoofer , i was going to replace the rear channels with some Klipsch R5800 w in wall speakers 8 inch . for the 4 rear speakers , and have recent acquired a pair of MIrage OM9 towers , but have been told That they wont work well with Klipsch rears .

Another person has suggested that I run QSC powered loudspeakers x7 and run a sound processor to them to control the sound , wanted to hear how people felt about that ,

Room will hold 4-5 chairs based on the shape of the room will be running a projector pref a JVC of some sort with a screen of 120ish size
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Post a plan of your room with dimensions. Is soundproofing key for you? What are your intentions, dedicated theater or media room? Planning on 1 or 2 rows of seating? Throw range for projector?

Tackle the room first and then talk about equipment later.
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AS for sound proofing i plan on removing the insulation in the existing interior wall and replaceing it with Roxul sound proofing insulation as well as doing between the joists up there which is almost 12 inches thick with layers of roxul and around all the duct work , on the walls i plan on useing 1/2, maybe 5/8 acoustical drywall on the inside wall , i plan on running my wires for for the speakers lines with 3/4 hubbell liquid tight flexible non metallic conduit /tubing to the areas where it can be accessed for future needs and repairs .

Probably 2 row seating 3 in the front and 2 on a riser in the rear , was looking at Palliser Rhumba Line , rear seats need 70x 64
front seta sneed 101 x 64 straight seats

THis room will be a dedicated theatre room , maybe later son will use for some gaming but thats to be seen .

Under the riser i have been looking at a Danley sound Labs DIY 10 kit prob one will be more than enough

Room dimensions are as follows Screen wall 192 inches
north wall 230 inches
west wall 74 inches
sw wall 132 inches
kick wall 22 inches
door wall 137 inches door way will be 36 inch solid core door
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Soundproofing basics can be read here:

Go thru entire site and read your face off, a ton of good info there.

If your struggling on layout and need a hand, consider a layout service.
A group buy might be started soon. http://www.avsforum.com/t/1440284/pro-theater-layout-power-buy-study/0_100

1.78 or 2.35 screen?

I'm thinking in-ceiling rear speakers and in walls for sides.

Rear seats would almost be better to omit and go with a room with four 90 degree corners.

You space is a little awkward. But here is a quick idea of what I would do and others can chime in.

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MY other idea was to run 4 angled chairs in the middle of the room area , the angled wall that is causeing the problem , cannot be moved or changed it is the main stairwell of the home . i was thinking of inwall my self for the sides and rear rear gets tricky , so maybe ceiling might be better more direct sound to the seated area . screen havent really decided yet , i primarily watch movies , maybe a little tv almost no sports except a few hockey games at playoff times .

The spot u indicated for doorway would be prob better , but that area on the back side will be my office wall with cabinetry , so the door will have to stay as indicated in my drawings ,
another note where did you obtain the drywall isolation hardware that i saw in your build , from the site you linked to me ? as we both live in Alberta ,

apprec the help Thank you , Craig
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Yup I got my clips, green glue, acoustic caulk, automatic door bottom and jamb stops from them. Channel and drywall came from local supplier.
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I'm thinking going with a wide layout might be a solution to the room. Inwall surrounds. JTR T8-ht as shallow depth speakers behind an acoustically transparent screen
and an IB sub.

TAMA a.jpg 69k .jpg file

The av rack could be open to the theater, instead of hidden away.

The back wall entry door could be eliminated . Entry be via the narrow end of the room. A wide entry hallway wrapping around the stairs could be a themed entry
with movie posters or illuminated marquees could be built. Or that area could have shelving for a movie and music collection.
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Or rework the drywall/framing at the bottom of the stairs, for the entry.

TAMA b.jpg 75k .jpg file
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Actually will look at this last design a new idea i hadnt thought about that , and i do have room at the bottom of the room landing from stairwell for a door opening off from the right side ,

Thanks will look into it
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Maybe flip the room, and mirror the angled section.

TAMA c.jpg 63k .jpg file

The bipolar OM9 aren't a great choice for fronts if you'll be acoustically treating the front wall. I'd use the NHT across the front.
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Actually found a great deal on some klipsch 5800 inwall , 8 inch with horns love that sound , going to tun 7 speakers all the way around the same , om9 are great but dont know how well they wouldve held up in the HT , still waiting for shipping costs on the danley , so been loooking at some velodynne dd15+ instead of the IB
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Good speaker call! The Klipsch are nice speakers and very dynamic. You might want to try your existing dipoles as side surrounds as dipoles work better with the seating in a narrow room.
Or buy dipole Klipsch surrounds for the sides. Dipoles are a good option for narrow rooms or rooms where the seating is close to the side surround. You also don't want to be seated right
on top of horn speakers as they can get a little too agressive at times.
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well liked this new design leaves the room smaller but imo a better design , room is now 13 feet wide and approx 16 feet deep , potlights i was thinking of 3 inch any suggestions , was thinking of running some columns up the side walls 2 rear ones to mount the inwalls and to cover them with fabric and front ones to add some texture to the room . with a pot light in front of each column . , three potlights in front of the screen at approx 3 feet back from main wall.

and another row in front of the beam in my ceiling and another row at the rear wall , makes 13 potlights too much plan on maing everything dimmable , , and was also thinking about adding some rope lighting around the 2 side walls and rear wall in a type of soffit to surround the room was thinking red color . any suggestion on lighting products and switches would be awesome as ive read a bit and seems to be many types lutron?

pardon my crude drawings ..grin
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well UPS just dropped off my 3/4 Liquid tite conduit , 200 feet , 18 fittings for 3/4 to run the speaker lines , and 50 feet of 2 inch to run to the projector with couple straight connectors and 1 90 degree coupler ,

guess i better start to do some research on 3 inch pot lights and rope lighting any leads on red rope light? thats dimmable ?
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Found these at the store they are adjustable wondered if anyone had used these ? can bulk buy them , They are Bazz product available at bazz.ca , they use a gu10 bulb 50w ,

Plan on running 3 rows of lights one 3 feet from front wall , one row in middle of the room and one row of 3 near rear wall , and 4 side lights spotting on columns on side walls , also plan on running some red strip lighting somehow in a soffit on the 2 side wall and rear wall
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I've been using similar gu10 bulb based recessed lights for some time from Lowe's house brand Utilitech.

I light the 4 inch can better than the 3 because the wire connection box is on the side and is much bigger. I use them in soffits but go for something a little bigger for main room duty.
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I cant comment on the lights but I wanted to say I look forward to seeing the room come together.
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Found this shop online a friend had recommended www.ihomepro.ca canadian shop located in Calgary maybe it will help someone else up here in the Great White North , anyone used them how are they ?
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Well, another guy from Cochrane. I will be watching this build with interest! I have not used that website that you have mentioned, but it is at least local and they have some different products/brands that monoprice doesnt carry. I used monoprice for my big order of stuff and the shipping costs were not too bad compared to other things I have ordered from across the border.
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Just ordered a order from soundproofing company clips , door seal , sealant , green glue and some electrical boxes pads should be here next week , great people helpful and knowledgeable .
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started framing some last week , built the enterance way and the side room to hold the av rack and counterspace
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Found this product at Lowes other day , havent seen it before , was wondering if it would be acceptable to use for the corners of the room to dampening the bass? Roxul product Comfort board IS its 1.5 inches thick , tried to find some of the products ive seen other use here but havent been able to find them, OC products , found a roll LInacoustic 48x1 inch by 100 feet from a heating duct supplier so that was good news
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Where did you find the linacoustic? Apparently Star Building Materials carries OC703 but I haven't checked as I'm not quite at that point in my build.
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I found the linaccoustic at Alggin Metal industries 4540 46 th ave se 48 inch x 100 foot 1 inch roll , only place in Calgary i could find it , 277$ for a roll expensive i know but shipping to canada costs a fortune too .

also on the same topic i found that they carry a similiar product to the oc product for bass traps 703 i think it is , anyways the product i found was Rigid FSK anyone know of this product , very affordable 25$ for 24x48 sheets 2 inch thick 6 in a package they dont have it in stock but can get it available if u ask for it
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Good find!
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also Star doesnt carry that OC in stock I was told special order, but obtainable ,

Other news recieved my shipment from The Soundproofing Company today all arrived in good shape Thx Ted
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If i use oc703 or a similar product for the bass traps , i am planning on adding cloth covered frames on the walls on the entire room , except screen wall , whats a good basis for adding a product to the frames how high should i go? , I plan on setting my inwall speakers height at 2 feet above sitting height,

Will a 1 inch thick product to be enough thickness in the room on side wall as well?
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