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Im just about to start wiring the room , but i had a question maybe someone could help me with , ive seen some post about people building boxes around their speakers for inwall,

ive got Klipsch 5800 w was curious if anyone knew what volumn of box was best for them in wall or should i just install them in the insulated wall and hope for the best , ive looked for information on this but cant seem to find any , or should I contact Klipsch on this matter ?
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I would contact Klipsch and see what they recommend. Most inwall speakers are designed to work with really large rear spaces and if you build a box too small it could affect the sound. Klipsch may even have a backerbox designed for the speaker. If you just cut into the drywall you will negate any soundproofing you plan on doing.
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contacted Klipsch was told i need 4 inches of wall space from front of speaker side. dont think he understood my question about speaker volumn within the wall, maybe ill have to call them ,

anyways been making some progress determined im going to go with a 107 inch screen on diagonal , 16:9 format which is approx 96x54
going to set the bottom of the screen at 30 inchs off of the floor ,

Had some electrical run this week , got 2 dedicated 120/20a circuits , 2 120/15 amp dedicated circuits , one 120/15 amp circuit for the 2 subs

dedcided to run 3 potlights in the front of the room ceiling approx 4 feet from front wall , and in the same circuit 2 more near the centre of the room , couldnt mount a 3rd because of ducting , and 2 more on a seperate circuit 36 inches off of back wall one on each side and mount the projector in the rear in that area , tails everywhere ...

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well heard back from Klipsch yesterday was told optimum volumn is 1.5 cubic feet for the 5800s

also learned a neat trick this week , I ran flexible watertight conduit for my speaker lines and sub lines , and i was having trouble feeding the speaker wire inwall in it , i know u can buy a snake and some goop for it , and that what i was looking for but was told of a neat trick , take a piece of string and make a lil flag at the end of it insert it into the conduit and start a vaccum at the opposite end and it suppose to pull it right thru and then u can feed your speaker line thru with that , I lll let you know how it works
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Had a busy day today , my friend Charles and I build some pot light boxes 7 today for the 4 inch Halo retrofits to be installed , still have to make 4 more for the swivel heads for the columns,

Made a prototype of a column to see what it would be like in the room before we go ahead and make them for the room in maple , had some cloth laying around so we tried out the picture frames in the columns with i believe it was 1/4 round router bit

Also made a box for the heat register duct that had to be rerouted , added some mdf blocks inside it to make it twist in a s shape , to contain the sound from flowing back up into the rest of the houses ducting

well some progress today now to get them up inot the ceiling this coming days
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Picked up a bunch of new cables today and some recessed gang boxes for wiring the rest of the basement, and was looking for some sub cables but was told rg6 quad i had laying around would be more than enough to run a subwoofer , whadda yah know i read about it on here and it seems to be a acceptable practice . any other opinions on that?
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Picked up a bunch oc 703 this last week , going to use for the corner bass traps , and passed my electrical inspection for the entire basement , over 500m of 12/ and 14/2 used, whew lota wire , Onward!
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heres some pics of the progess recently , Drywall showed up 22 sheets 5/8 , another 60 sheets various sizes for rest of the basement , dont envy those guys at all . got the walls reinsulated with roxul and gooped back down,

And fitting The box i built to cover the wiring from the flexible conduit line i installed , btw the vaccum trick sure works slick for pulling the cords through to pull speaker wires etc..
Got a line on a server rack 24 inches wide going to look at it soon , hope that works out
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Installed the furring channel on side walls , still have to finish insulating the ceiling and install the pot light boxes , and frame off around the rear ceiling speakers to enclose them to be 1.5 cubic feet , then ill finish installing the furring on the ceiling ,
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Well had a challengeing weekend to try to get the ceiling in room insulated , used a combination of roxul and regular fiberglass to do the area because roxul safe and sound just isnt as flexible as regular fiberglass unfortunately Used a rigid board by roxul to surround the bottom of the ducts , got the the box i built installed in ceiling and hooked up to the 6 inch ductline used a flexible insulated hose to connect to the box that has been prebuilt , and , it actually has some decent airflow considering the zig zags inside the box , and its mainly for room circulation , and secondary heat , since floor is heated already , just waiting for some more clips underestimated clips and used more on the jut wall than i had orginally planned , oh well hopefully they will be here in the next week ,

Now to install some of the furring i have clips for on the ceiling and to start installing potlight boxes at the proper height after the furring is up
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Well , got all the potlight boxes into place , thx again Big for that help on designing them , boxed in the rear ceiling speaker boxes , to approx 1.5 cubic feet and installed the rest of the ceiling furring channel , bought the 5/8 osb.. ended up getting 19/32 T&G all i could get without special order .. dont think ill miss the 1/32 and the T&G should prob stay together better anyways and leave less gaps .
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OSB is UP! woohoo.. now to get the 5/8 up on Theatre room , then to get drywaller in to finish rest of basement and taper in to do entire basement and knockdown Onward !
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18 sheet drywall up 4 more to go today , green glue amazeing stuff easy to work with , but can get a lil sticky if u mess up .lol dont ask me how i know that =( havent sealed all the joints and corner and bottom yet running low on tubes of GG , luckily i heard they carry it locally now
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Nice progress. Are you using a lift for the OSB and the drywall?
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I had access to one but we had a delivery of around 80+ sheets drywall and I told them to put it into the theatre room 22 sheets 5/8 out ofthe way while we finished insulating and wiring of the rest of the basement , pprob not the best idea ive had in a while . so we ended up just man handling it into place, there is only about 7 sheets on ceiling so we used 2 2x6s cut a lil below the height and wedged it into postion . it worked , but going to hire someone else to do the other 1000 square feet basement , money well spent imo

Thx to my friends Ken and Antonio , and my wife and her mother keeping us looked after while we worked
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Well have 2 projectors in mind atm

the new sony 50
and the new jvc 4k 46 i believe it is

96 wide x 54 high screen size is what im thinking accoustical screen 1.0 gain

any suggestions?
budget for screen and projector is approx 6k
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You're making good progress.
Are you going to DIY the screen or buy a pre-fab one? For DIY a lot of people seem to like Seymore. That's what I will be using as well.
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I just ordered a Jamestown 16:9 110 seymour acoustical screen today should be here in a few weeks

Drywall is still ongoing , because finishing entire basement at same time , cabinetry is about to be ordered hopefully in the next week if we can get the final pricing only 1 small cabinet is to be used in the small room off the a/v room to hold the electronics , which will hold a bar fridge and cabinets for treats , included is a shot of the area in front of the office located behind the HT room

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Things are looking good. I like the stone
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Ive been looking at a JVC DLA RS55 and JVC DLA X55 anyone out there care to explain to me which one would be better for my room or do you think its overkill , been also looking at the sony HW50 but its not 4k eshift atm , any Opinions ?
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screen wall with speakers mounted

screen wall before drywall with 1.5 cubic feet volumn for speaker

a test strip of rope lighting

here are some pictures of the past summer and fall work that was done
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this area is outside the av room , its the bar fridge and cupboard space and where the av rack shall be located

older picture of the front screen wall with the screen frame assembled

picture of the 2 rear ward columns in the room to hold the 2 side speakers and to position the picture frames around the room
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with the 5/8 drywall 5/8 osb and green glue + knockdown thickness is quite a bit

painted the pot lights bought some swivel head mounts with gu10

bought these from Costco suppose to have a 40,000 hour life warranty for 20 year , wonder if they will around that long ..

painted ceiling a red to match the cloth added some black to tone it down some
potlights installed put up the klipsch 5800 into the ceiling and sprayed it flat black
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