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New media room planning... and sound proofing questions

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I posted this in a different section but was recommended to repost it over here hoping to attract more attention.

I'm moving into a new house in a few months and am getting a head start on planning my media room. I've attached the floor plans below and a crude CAD drawing of a first plan on how to lay it out. BTW the house is being built mirrored of the builders drawing so the bonus room is flipped. Hopefully it's fairly obvious there's a couch and chair in the middle, a pedestal table with bar stools at the back, and surround speakers. In the back corner I'm planning a small wet bar. There is a bathroom nearby so I'm hoping I can get to the plumbing easily enough. I currently have a 58" plasma, at this point I don't have any plans to go projector but it might happen in the future.

It will be used 90% of the time for just me, but I have the extra seating for when I have friends over to watch the game. My wife and my 8 y.o. daughter go to bed around 9ish so after that is music/movie time for me. Primarily I listen to music but I like my movies too. I don't crank it (but still like it a little loud) and I generally don't turn on my subs as my mains were fairly bass capable. Unfortunately I don't have a number to put on the SPL but I have a 65W/ch. HK receiver which doesn't get pushed too hard. So there won't be any crazy LF but if I can get away with some, all the better.

My goal for soundproofing is to not get yelled at to turn it down late at night. As you can see by the floor plans the master bedroom is a good ways away but my daughter will be in bedroom #5 so fairly close but she's not really a light sleeper. Even though this is a new build I have to take it 'as-is' as the build won't bend on anything. The wall on the side of the stairs is only a half wall and there is a space for access to the room. I will be framing the wall to the ceiling and adding a proper door. I'll also have to tear down the new drywall to do the soundproofing. I've read a lot on this board and probably most of the articles at Soundproofing Company. I think I'm pretty convinced to go with whisper clips and channel plus 2x 5/8" drywall with green glue. I've seen what I need and so far an am OK with the cost. One thing I don't know, especially since I've seen some mixed responses on the subject is if I need to do anything with the two exterior walls and also the ceiling since it goes into the attic. I also don't know what to do with the floor. I'm not really concerned with what sound goes into the level below but I read the 'Flanking' article and sound could travel along the joists to the neighboring bedroom. I'm concerned about any additional height though as I don't want to make a tripping hazard for anyone coming through the door. I'm also wondering what I should be paying attention to as my house is built so I can further refine my plan.

Sorry this post is rather 'broad' but I wasn't sure if it would be better to start 3 or 4 threads that contained 80% of the same info, so I combined it into 1 to save on clutter. I do have a few other questions but hoping to get the conversation going first.

Thanks for any input!

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My personal feeling is that you should not bother with clips-channel-DD-GG unless you do all 4 walls and the ceiling. Remember that it is equally important to lower the noise floor in the room (which allows you to run the sound at a lower level with good dialogue intelligibility). The other major concern will be the door -- use a heavy solid-core with jamb seals and a drop seal to prevent sound leakage into your hallway. I don't have much experience with floor treaments -- probably best to call someone like Ted at soundproofingcompany.com .
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Thanks, I figured I would do clips-channel-DD-GG on all 4 walls and ceiling anyway unless I heard a convincing argument otherwise. I never thought about the lower noise floor in the room allowing lower volumes but it makes sense. I've been reading about doors and even the article at Soundproofing Company 'only' recommends a 1.75" solid core door with the seals and automatic drop seal. I thought there would be more to it then that. I've read a couple places that people have GG'd on an additional layer of 3/4" MDF but not much beyond that. I'm sure I could at least go that thick, maybe a bit more if it would help. I don't know if a solid slab door will fly with the wife - due to looks or lack there of - especially since I think she was thinking french doors. I'm pretty sure I have a raised panel router bit set so I suppose it wouldn't be too much to make the paneled look on it out of MDF. I do eventually plan to call Ted. I just want to educate myself more on the subject first, Plus I should really see exactly what I'm dealing with in the house when it's built, and get my plan a little more concrete before I call him. I don't want to waste his time when so much is undecided at this point.

The more I read build threads here the more I'm thinking I might like a projector down the road. I wonder if I can make it so that it can roll down in front of my plasma TV. This would be a while down the road but I want to look into what's required for that so I can put whatever I need to in place before the drywall goes up.
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For maximum flexibility you might consider using 5/8" OSB on clips and channel for the first layer on walls and ceiling, then GG and 5/8" drywall. That way you have a good backing for screws everywhere. If you want to provide for a recessed roll-down screen, you should build a backer box large enough for it to go above the ceiling.
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