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LG 65" 3D LED/LCD versus Vizio 65" LED/LCD (M3D651SV) some questions

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Do either or both of these TVs do 2D-to-3D conversion? Is it a feature you use much and/or would want or would pay extra for if, e.g., only the LG has it?

Any quick comparisons of what they have vis-a-vis each other? At 2x the price, not sure the LG is worth it for any extra features it may have.

I know the LG lets you play 2-player games with each seeing the full screen - just take 2 pairs of glasses and modify/swap one lens each so one pair is left-left and the other is right-right. The LG has a setting to do this, but it doesn't appear the Vizio does. I asked this elsewhere, but wasn't sure that this could be done on the Vizio if it doesn't have a setting for this. Also, a reviewer said 3D gameplay on the Vizio has some lag, even in Game mode.

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I was looking at the same sets. I can tell you that the vizio does not do 2d to 3d conversion. I'm leaning toward the LG set for this extra feature.
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I'd venture to say that most people who have sets with 2D -> 3D conversion use it little, if at all. Some content looks kind of okay, giving a little depth. (Try the Star Wars episode 1 Blu-Ray, for instance). Most other content doesn't benefit much at all, and sometimes there are weird mistakes where things in the foreground are pushed back, or background objects are pushed forward.

I just don't think it's worth bothering with. I played with it a while when I first got my LG, but have never used it since then. I wonder if anyone will post saying they actually use their 2D -> 3D conversion. tongue.gif

Considering that some bona-fide 3D Blu-Rays don't look so hot, how can it be expected that an on-the-fly conversion would be good? Now, well-made 3D movies are well worth it, including some post conversions by the studio, and I don't regret getting my 3D LG. I just limit my 3D viewing to 3D Blu-Rays and 3D captures from cable.
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As fritzi93 mentioned in another thread (http://www.avsforum.com/t/1437658/keep-3d-active-or-make-switch-to-passive-3d-tv/60#post_22608229), the LG lets you get down in the calibration menu pretty far - IIRC, there are gamma adjustments possible, whereas from reading the Vizio User Manual, it doesn't appear that the Vizio lets you do that from the regularly-accessible menus. I also remember (but this was a few years ago and maybe not even a 3D LG) that it had some nice walk-through calibration menus to help you out. I don't know if the latest 3D LGs still have that.

Is being able to do nearly full calibrations on the LG worth 2x the price? Is calibrating a Vizio with the controls and menus one has sufficient, or is it worth paying the extra money to be able to have easy access to nearly all necessary calibration menus?

I assume one could get a technical manual for Vizio like I got for my 8-year-old Sony RPTV that lets the user access the Service Menu to be able (if one knows the codes) to do all the same calibrations that the LG allows, but I haven't searched to see if that is true.
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