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Need to upgrade AVR for 3D pass through / 4K - currently have 4308 CI

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Hi All,

I'd like to upgrade my AVR so that I can get 3D pass through and prepare for 4K video. I currently have the 4308 CI (which I like, a bit underpowered and schizophrenic) but missing the 3 D is killing me and I'd like more power. Currently have 4 Infinity P363s, 2 163s, a primus sub and 351 center, I wouldn't mind upgrading the speakers too if the new receiver's power warranted it. Network access and DLNA features are a must. Playing HDMI video while using DLNA would be awesome too. I currently can only do that when the video source is composite. at least 5 HDMI in and 2 out.

I was looking at some of the Marantz offerings but the Denon that I have scares me a bit from purchasing another from that manufacturer. It works well when it works, but it is constantly dropping from the network, automatic monitor output is not automatic, etc smile.gif

I anyone has one of these they probably know what I am talking about as I can't believe I'm the only one with these issues.

Any advice greatly appreciated. I've researched and have some ideas but I'd like to get a consensus since I trust the feedback I get here. Top price range for the receiver is about $2000 unless I just gotta have it. smile.gif

Thanks for looking,


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The 4308CI is a 140W AVR ... you're not going to find any AVR in th $2000 price range offering much more power than that, although as those P363 speakers should be very easy to drive, even a 60W AVR should be able to drive them rather well. I would consider upgrading your speakers before upgrading the AVR as the general rule of thumb is that the AVR should only cost about 1/2 of the cost of your 5.1 speaker/sub setup.
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Thanks jdsmoothie,

My speakers cost ~1700 so that puts me in the $850 price range. What I see out there for $850 isn't going to be much if any upgrade. What would you (or others) recommend for someone like me with the 4308 and who did not have any speakers (was still going to buy) that was looking to upgrade the sound quality, power, 3D 4K and need separate HDMI outputs that I want? I know a lot depends on the speakers so maybe people could post their specs if they wouldn't mind.

I wouldn't say money is no object, because it certainly is but I think I could spend more to get what I want.

Thanks again for your reply
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The rub is that the 4308CI with Audyssey MultEQ XT should be providing very good audio fidelity with plenty of power for those speakers so not sure what the issue might be. Are you using Audyssey? If yes, the only upgrade in the Denon line would be the new recently released 4520CI (MSRP $2500) which offers the most advanced version of Audyssey MultEQ XT32 and is the successor to the 4810CI which in turn replaced the 4308CI. You can review the first few posts in the Denon AVR-4520CI Owner's thread for more info.
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Ok, I guess I misunderstood. smile.gif I believe what your telling me is that the 4308 with the current version of Audyssey puts out nearly the best sound one can buy (if speakers were all the same smile.gif unless they want the XT32 version. So the only real option is to upgrade the speakers and figure out what might be robbing me of my power / upgrade to 4520.

Yes using I'm using Audyssey and yes it sounds very good. Just not enough volume for some situations and figured upgrading might get me even better sound.... perhaps it was all those years of full blast headphones smile.gif

Not a good idea to upgrade to one of these 3,000 or 4,000 from where I'm at currently it sounds like...
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The new Marantz AV8801 pre/pro (only Marantz model with XT32) is being released next month at $3500 if you want to try Marantz or the Onkyo 3010 or 5010 are possibilities as well, although Joerod (a self proclaimed Onkyo fanboy) recently reviewed the 4520CI and has since made it his primary home theater AVR replacing his former upper level Onkyo model. I'd upgrade the speakers first and then look towards upgrading the AVR.

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Anybody out there care to give any advice in addition to JD's?
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I agree something is sucking up your power. I have a a pair Infinity P362's hooked up to an 100W per channel Onkyo and it drives them plenty well. You might want to check to see if you have dynamic sound turned to night mode or something on your 4308ci. I can hardly turn my 4308ci up half way before it starts to rock the house. If you need 3D passthrough then get a new receiver but keep the 4308ci. I have mine in another room and when I need a good, solid audio listening session, its my goto receiver and never disappoints.

You are going to be hard pressed in finding that kind of audio quality for $2k....
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