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Ps3 media server vs Serviio

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hi all,

i have been using servio to strem to my panasonic movies. i downloaded one movie where the screen was less 4 inches on each side and also i was not able to fast forward in the movie. oddd is that the dlna software within the panasonic or is that the software running on the desktop (xp pro, but will be switching to win 7 this week)

My friend said that ps3 media server is much better? any comments on that.

Also i tried setting it up ps3 media server on my xp pro desktop and win 7 laptop but i get no renenderers found. i havent trouble shooted it though enough but i would think it would be something in my belkin router.

any comments on that also?

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PS3 media server is meant for the PS3 only though it has been extended to a few other things I think. The problem is the broken DLNA standard so your server needs a custom profile to work properly with Panasonic's take on DLNA.

Serviio is in my opinion better than PS3 media server, for your issues you may need to apply the Panasonic Viera profile to the IP of the TV in the Serviio control panel where is lists IP addresses, if generic DLNA device is the profile in use then this is the wrong one, click that text and select Panasonic from the list.

Some other DLNA servers with Panasonic profiles are TVMobili and Mezzmo, both have demo versions you can try.
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