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I'm looking for any advice on replacement ceiling speakers for some 6+ year old Cambridge Soundworks Ambiance 82 rectangular speakers that are installed in my family room.

One of the cambridge speakers has developed a rattle that has seemingly gotten worse over time.

I've never been particularly wowed by these speakers, but they also weren't the highest end choice on the market.

Of relatively high importance is that new speakers need to be able to fit into the existing cutouts (same size or larger). I don't really want to have to completely patch the ceiling if I can avoid it.

Per Cambridge literature, the cutouts on the existing speakers are 12 3/4" by 8 3/4", so pretty large.

The best I can come up with right now are the Definitive Technology RSS II or RSS III, which seem to be pretty good bipolar speakers, but at $800 or so for the pair, a bit more than I wanted to spend... The Def-Techs from what I can tell would leave about a 1" gap on either end of the cutout, which I think is a pretty easy patch job for my wife (she's pretty good with that quick spackle stuff.

Preferred budget is $500 or less for the pair. Suggestions welcome.