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Auto-Dimming during bright scenes on newer plasmas?

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After checking out a potential buy, the Panasonic P50U50, in store, I thought it looked great, at least whenever there was a good amount of darkness on the screen. When the screen got lighter in color, the image took a DRAMATIC brightness hit. One moment, the colors would really seem to pop, while the next moment the image would be about half as bright.

I've since read that a lot (if not all?) of the latest plasmas do this. Is there a setting to disable this feature? I'm not a fan of auto-dimming at all. The Samsung EH5000 LCD series had things the opposite way - whenever the screen was displaying a darker image, the backlight would dim to reach those deeper blacks.

If this sort of auto-dimming would drive me nuts, should I avoid plasmas altogether? I often play games, from retro to current PC games. A lot of those retro games are very bright and colorful, and I'd go crazy if the screen gets dark every time I want to play something like Super Mario Bros. or Mega Man.
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I noticed this effect at the stores and don't see it at all on my '09 or '11 tv at the house. At the stores they are in vivid mode pushing the tv to it's limit. At home with a proper calibration the power needed is much less and the ABL dimming isn't as extreme. I have to agree that at the stores this effect looks bad. All Plasmas and most if not all CRT's do this.

The only gaming I've done is on my older tv with a 360 and there's no issue with the ABL, I'm sure my newer tv works the same. In a bright room with a bright room calibration you could be a little closer to having an issue.

If you buy, you might want to buy from a vendor with a good return policy for an easy exchange.
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We bought the Samsung 60E550 plasma in August and this is like the very first thing I turned off. I read a lot of unhappy posts before I bought it and figured I didn't even want to mess with it? So far the TV has been outstanding, no complaints at all.

At one point I was going to turn it on just to play with it and see what it's like, but I haven't bothered.
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Are there any 2011/2012 models that do not have this feature? As ridiculous as it sounds I'm about to return yet another LCD TV. The motion blur is absolutely killing me, and I can't not look at it when I'm playing games. Especially in older games that have sprites that move around the screen, they just fuzz out when moving and it is driving me absolutely nuts.
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To clear things up, there's two types of dimming on a plasma. One is overall panel brightness, the ABL or Auto Brightness Limiter. Second is the room brightness dimming, panasonic calls this CATS, I don't know what the other mfr's call theirs. The CATS is going to adjust the panel brightness according to how bright the room conditions are. The CATS can be disabled. Everyone here disables this first. The ABL cannot be disabled.

@pogue There's a good chance a plasma would help in the motion department, even a basic plasma should be better at motion than most LCD's.
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Yeah I tested a more retro game on our 5 year old plasma downstairs. The sprites scrolled across with no blur, very CRT like. The input lag is kind of there but it looked way better, even at 720p. Maybe I'll just take my TV back and save up for a nice 720p plasma with good input lag and no phosphor trailing if possible.
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