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Need help with Converters

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I have a home with a finished basement. Unfortunately the previous owners did not future proof the wiring. I have a closet that contains the AV receiver.

Here is a diagram of the setup. The goal is to be able to setup a playstation/wii near the tv and still use the receiver so we can fully utilize the wall speakers. The reason we need the ps or wii near the tv is because they utilize a camera which is connected directly to the console and needs to be on the TV.

TV > Component Plate > Wall 15-20ft > Component Plate > AV Receiver

I learned that we cannot rewire unless we tear up the walls. We think the wires were stapled and cannot pull it through. I found that there is a coax cable running from the TV area to the closet. I believe the coax cable is F type on the inside.

All I really need is to somehow convert sound to go through the coax and back to the closet and receiver. Is this possible?

This way we can setup the playstation and wii near the tv and output sound through a coax converter through the wall and then another coax converter to the receiver to something like component. Since most consoles support HDMI, can I convert from HDMI to coax and on the other side coax to HDMI and plug it into the receiver?

I apologize if this doesn't make sense. My knowledge in this is not too deep. Please help.

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Since you only really need to send the audio back to the AVR, you can do that easily with the existing coax. You just need an F-connector to RCA jack adapter to send analog audio (over two coax cables). Even better, use the digital audio output from the game consoles instead. If the console only has optical (toslink) digital, there are cheap toslink-to-coax digital adapters available.



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