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samsung sir-t165 hd settop box won't start up

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it's stuck @ the hello display. i've tried unplugging from power, still stuck. any hope for this old box? i've been recording off it via firewire for years, hard 2 let go of an old friend;-)
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just pulled it off the stack, opened it 2 c if there was anything obvious...nothing. after buttoning it up, i plugged it in again w/o any cabling, and it booted fine! plugged it into the tv, but w/o the antenna connected, it displayed the expected "no signal" so the tuner was functional:-)

but when i plugged in the antenna, it rebooted & hung @ hello again:-( wtf??? and when i swapped the antenna coax into the cable input (& scanned channels) it was able to tune in 2 of the dozen local hd stations & subchannels...wtf???
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My Sir t-165 has been out in the shed for several years but I experiment with it once in a while. There have always been channels that it would hang on such as the local religion channel and some of the Mexican stations. I believe it is because their PSIP is not perfect. I would have to stop it's scan before it got to the known offending channel and then restart the scan by manually entering the next higher RF frequency of interest. Possibly one of your local stations is having some PSIP trouble, it seems to happen to all of them from time to time.
I would disconnect the antenna and then run a scan thus clearing out all of the channels. Then enter the known RF frequency of your most reliable channels, one by one. If you get to a channel that makes it hang, then that is your offender.
This was my first HD tuner and a very expensive new toy when it was young. Like you, I just don't have the heart to throw it out.
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thanx 4 your suggestion:-) scanning the cable channels also cleared out the std memory, and i was able to then scan, but it hello'd when it got to the local pbs station:-(

1st elmo, now this;-}
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It sounds as if your PBS station is the culprit. I would give it a few days and they may get it fixed ,if not give them a call. Most of my local stations at one time or another have temporarily mapped to their actual RF frequency rather than the virtual channel or some other PSIP glitch would cause "black screen" especially on the Tivo. Good Luck.
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it's not just black screen, it's total reboot (hello readout) that hangs...and it doesn't pick up strong channels below 7...
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found 2 channels that are toxic: 20 & 26...20 eventually recovers & reverts to the last (succesfully) tuned channel, but 26 (the pbs station...fortunately it's not the only pbs i can pull in:-) doesn't: continually flashing green hash onscreen, then rebooting:-( needless 2 say, this makes it impossible to maintain tuner state in my applescript (which blindly pumps out i/r cmds, as there is no f/w cmd capability using dvhs)-:

and even tho these toxic channels aren't in the tuner's memory, of course they can be keyed in, resulting in reboot:-\ @ least i can code in a list of permissible channels that my a/s can tune, but that's another pita to maintain;-\

when the digital switch 1st happened, ch22's subchannels had holes: -1,-3,-4, and since the only way to select a subchannel is keying in the prime, then up-channel, i had to code in the holes so my a/s didn't overshoot;-\ doncha just luv kludges;-)

but then that's the fun, innit?-)
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I just used my SIR t-165 as a simple tuner, never tried to record from the fire-wire or anything. That was 2003 when it came out so it was designed over 10 years ago. Unfortunatly, these things have come a long was since then. Still, if you just do not scan in the problem channels, you should be able to get some use out of it. You are lucky that you don't have to deal with about 15 channels that come through the antenna from Mexico where the technical standards are a bit more relaxed.
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hope all u have 2 deal with from over the border are errant airwaves;-| good luck...
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Did you ever apply the firmware update? When broadcasters first started setting copy protection flags, it would send the Sammys into a rebooting loop. They issued a patch disc along with a serial cable to fix that. I have both, but not for your model. If your PBS station is copy-protecting programming (rare, these days) then that could be throwing your box into a reboot loop.

That said, you might want to consider a newer box as the newer chips are much better at handling ATSC than those old ones were.
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I had the SIR-T165 when it was first introduced for about 3 weeks. I used it for my Sony HDTV-ready CRT. Same issue as yours. Took it back and the replacement did the same thing. I eventually bought the LG LST-4200A and it worked perfectly for many years right out of the box. There were lots of discussion way back when on the robustness of various HD STBs, chip generations, etc. As previously suggested, a new box might be in order. Ten years is a long time considering the advancements made since then. However, it sounds like you got an excellent return on your investment.
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> firmware update

dunno, drdon, i bought it used (also to feed my sony, otto:-)

googling found http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/22951-4-problems-samsung-t165-hdtv-tuner
which gave info on checking the firmware...mine shows:
and the latest (as of 2004;-) is "S_TIR0S3_134...Hardware Section has a lengthy thread on the firmware for this quirky STB."

quirky indeed...http://www.avsforum.com/t/323077/samsung-sir-t165-firmware-fiasco

and i found this http://igorianchant.home.comcast.net/~igorianchant/SIRT165Pictures/sirt165.html

i'll have to get me a 9pin to apply the patch (and boot the wife's lenovo in xp)-:

as they say...stay toon;-)
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btw, otto, the lg doesn't have firewire, which is the only reason i'm trying to keep the samsung going...i have many .m2t recordings that simply won't play on vlc:-\
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Originally Posted by airdrummer View Post

btw, otto, the lg doesn't have firewire, which is the only reason i'm trying to keep the samsung going...i have many .m2t recordings that simply won't play on vlc:-\

Yeah, I got that frown.gif Just a little historical perspective. Sure hope you can get it fixed.
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oh joy: the local cbs station just started rebooting:-P funny, tho: if i tune in the next higher station, then do a channel down, 9-3 (the cbs station's sd weather radar) no problem, chDown again shows the sd 9-2, chDwn again, the main hd channel comes in fine...wtf???
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And you did the firmware update?
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i forget what version mine is, but on reading http://www.avsforum.com/t/323077/samsung-sir-t165-firmware-fiasco i'm not gonna bother;-} and besides, i don't do windoze...
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