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Getting Marantz Receiver Under MSRP

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Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a Marantz receiver under MSRP? I need to replace my 8yr old Marantz with a newer one. I'm looking specifically at the SR5007 but even Amazon is selling it for MSRP. Is there no markup on these things? I'd really like to get one below MSRP. Anyone have any suggestions?
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Do you actually mean the SR7007? The SR7005 on Amzon is below MSRP.

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Sorry. I corrected the model # in my original post. I'm looking for the SR5007.
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If you don't mind buying refurbished you can always wait for accessories4less.com to have one in stock. Usually a couple pop up every week or two.
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See, I know refurbished are supposed to be like new, but for whatever reason I'm just totally scared of refurb items. I think I'm in the mindset that it was defective at some time and so it's more likely to break on me in the future. I know that's probably not true, but I just don't think I could buy a refurb. frown.gif
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Try picking up the phone and calling authorized retailers and see when kind of price you can get. This often works with denon units. Give it a shot.
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Best Buy (Magnolia) has the SR5007 one sale ocassionally. Not a big discount by any means. The only time they really drop (still not as much as other brands) is during close out. Local one has the SR1602 (new) for $419. While ago I grabbed a SR6005 and SR5006 (both new in box) from them for roughly half price.
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