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Burn In 30 day old st50!

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I woke up to a my tv on with weak tv signal displayed on the tv. My family walked by it all day without turning it off. Now I have "weak tv signal" the words burned in to the tv! what do I do? worst come to worst will Panasonic replace this tv? this is why I should have went led. This is scary as crap. How good is pana with warranty's.

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It's probably temp image retention. Just turn on some full screen content with the contrast up high, like around 85, and just leave it on. It could take days for it to lessen.

Maybe you should turn on the eco setting that turns off the panel after a certain time.

Panny won't allow warranty for this, it's in the owners manual. They say BB has a burn in warranty, you might want to look into that if it's not too late.
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BB warranty indeed covers burn in, no worries its also been extended for up to 5 years
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ya I don't think I can get a BB warrenty I have hade it for 33 days
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I guess paying the extra 200 with best buy really is the way to go.. but the problem is what kind of used piece of crap are they going to give u for a replacement?

Is running the burn in slides overnight a good way to go here?
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If you just watch it with normal content like mentioned before it will go away.
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Best buy would just credit you for the purchase they dont provide replacements the customer dictates the new tv
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Is the "weak signal" image darker or lighter than the rest of the screen?

If it is darker, then it is image rentention caused by MgO sputtering. It may take hours, or even days, but just run a full white screen and that should clear it up.

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