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Can you share your opinion and help on the subject?

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Hello everyone,

Almost 2 weeks ago me and the wife purchased a new plasma, a 65’’ Panasonic ST50, and unfortunately this morning after long discussions this week with her we came to the conclusion that plasma technology is just not for us.

I know the ST50 is reviewed across the web as an awesome television but it’s just not for us it seems: 80% of the time the TV is used for gaming (720p and 1080p) and we found the set to be too dark so far and not as crisp in details as an LCD (we had a 60’’ Sharp Aquos before that). Even playing with all of the options couldn’t bring satisfying results, both our tests and other settings taking from the web like Cnet.

So yeah unfortunately we came to the conclusion that we will have to exchange it back and go back to the LCD/LED world since it seems to be better for us (we are planning to go to the store tonight to take a look at the models below).

The bugger here is that we have a limited range of LCDs to choose at the store we purchased the ST50 and we just don’t know which one to get (even after reading a couple of hours on them since yesterday)… What we are mainly looking for is a nice bright image with crystal clear HD definition and the best motion possible (yes we are aware that LCD/LED is not the best for that but I hope technology got better in the past years?). Below are the different models available to us. I know they are probably all very different but any input, opinion, feedback, comments, experience, etc would be REALLY appreciated. Also feel free to explain the differences between the models if you want since it is still very confusing for us (or if some models should be removed from the list because of X and Y reason).

Sony KDL-60EX645

Panasonic TC-L60E55

Samsung UN60ES6100
Samsung UN65ES6500
Samsung UN60ES7100
Samsung UN60ES7500
Samsung UN60ES8000

Sharp LC-70LE640
Sharp LC-60LE745U
Sharp LC-60LE845U
Sharp LC-60C8470U

Again a million thanks from both me and my wife for anyone who will be able to help us or share his/her opinion on the subject and models above smile.gif
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Nobody at all to help or comment? frown.gif

If it can help: after our visit to the store tonight we narrowed it down to either the Samsung 60ES7500 or the 65ES8000... Is the 8000 a big improvement over the 7500 or they are pretty much the same and not worth the extra money for the 8000?

Again ANY help, comment, feedback or opinion would be appreciated smile.gif
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