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I am so confused, so many of you seem so knowledgeable about these plasmas and how to avoid the potential issue with burn in/IR, failed power supply etc. Why do so many seem to opt out of adding a warranty on a 1500-3000 tv? I understand the initial cost, but the piece of mind knowing that when something does go wrong (which it inevitably will) you will be covered. We have all seen that manufacturers could care less after the initial year. Personally on something like this a service plan is a no brainer. I dont want to have to remove my tv from its mount to take it into a store, or mail it in for service, or deal with $120 service calls down the line. A one time fee of $250 covers anything that goes wrong for about 3 years, am i missing something. Ive seen charts that say if the service plan is more than 12% of the purchase dont buy, any other arguments out there?
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This is a pretty huge debate that's been argued many times and always comes down to personal preference. While I fully expect this thread to get moved or deleted, I'll try and make an effort to make this semi-plasma related: I don't think most warranties cover IR or burn-in. And a lot of non-warranty people believe that the other plasma components will either fail fairly quickly (defective) or not fail until any reasonable warranty would already have expired anyway. Obviously that's not always the case, but only you can decide what "piece of mind" and risk tolerance are worth to yourself.
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I feel you, btw BB warranty covers burn it:
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Stationary Products
1. Home Theater Products (purchased at Best Buy or Magnolia Home Theater):
 Recalibration is provided for projection televisions, flat panel LCD televisions 30” and larger and plasma televisions. This benefit only applies if you have purchased TV calibration from Best Buy on the same receipt as this Plan.
o It is your responsibility to schedule the re-calibration after the completion of a qualified repair by calling 1-800 GEESQUAD. This benefit also applies if the product is replaced under the term of this Plan by calling 1-800 GEEKSQUAD.
 One (1) bulb replacement for DLP, Projection LCD TVs and Home Theater Projectors of your original bulb during the term of this Plan.
 One-time 3-D glasses repair or replacement, when the original manufacturer’s 3-D glasses that are packaged inside the TV box are defective as determined by us, in our sole discretion. You may be required to return your original defective 3-D glasses to us to receive a replacement.
 The preventative maintenance checks are limited to projection televisions and are recommended but not limited to one (1) per year. The maximum number of preventative maintenance checks is two (2) for the two (2) year Plan or four (4) for the four (4) year Plan. The preventative maintenance check will be performed at the location of your television.
 Removal and installation of your television in the same location for services purposes provided that the television was delivered and/or installed by a Best Buy Authorized Servicer, Best Buy Authorized Installation Provider or a Geek Squad Installation Technician as stated on the same purchase receipt as the purchase of this Plan.
 Repair of image burn-in for all television formats.
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