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I've been cruising around the forum and doing a bit of research for my first home theater. Below are the list of components that I have tentatively chosen. Any suggestions/improvements/words of warning or advise on the components would be appreciated! My living room is 13x18x9, the back is opened to a similar sized kitchen and another side has a half wall that is open to a parallel hallway that is ~18x4x9.

Receiver - Denon AVR-1613 - $279 from BestBuy (Black Friday deal)
Fronts - Infinity P362 - $130 each from Electronics Expo ($70 cheaper than the newer model P363)
Center - Infinity PC351 - $199 from Amazon (can't find a better deal)
Rears - Infinity P163 - $85 from Amazon (can't find a better deal)
Ceiling Mounts for Rears - OmniMount 20.0 C - $30 each from Amazon
Sub - HSU VTF-2 MK4 - $519 directly from HSU (Black Friday deal)

Total cost: $1488 + S/H, so ~$1600

Are the older model PC351's ok to go with the newer center and surround speakers?

Note: I already have a Samsung LCD and Bluray player