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Is this a decent setup?

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Basically I am buying a system that is mostly to listen to music but watch movies sometimes also. My budget is $600 so any critiques within that range, I can possibly go a little higher if needed. The speakers I want are http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16882290202 they also get $60 off. The subwoofer is the bic f-12 sorry for no link but iPad is screwing up. The receiver is denon avr 1312 but possibly 1612 if you guys think its worth it. I already have two Bose speakers as backsif necessary but I don't have a center speaker. I was thinking about polk cs2 series 2. Any help appreciated!
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I would go with the Denon 1612 if possible since it comes with Audyssey room correction software. Since the system is mainly for music you could do without a center. However, dialog will be much clearer with a center speaker. The Bic F12 is a great budget subwoofer and perfect for HT. It's not that great for music however.
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What would you recommend for music?
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Also do you have a better recommendation for speakers? I can't decide
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The Polks are decent budget speakers. Since your budget is $600 for the whole setup you are definitely limited. There are some good deals to be had for Black Friday however. I've listed some other options for your fronts below.

Cambridge S30, $219/pair and matching center, S50, $199
Infinity Primus 163, $170/pair and center PC351, $199
Pioneer BS22 $115/pair and matching center, C22 $99
DefTech SM45 $398 (Newegg), add center and subwoofer later
Ascend Acoustics CBM-170SEs $358 (or B-stock $306) add center and subwoofer when finances allow
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Thank you so much for the recommendations I think I will stick to the polls since they are cheap but I can't decide between Polk monitors 40's or 30's because of room or Polk 35b and 45b. Do you think the 40 sounds a lot better than the 30? And do you think the b series is any better for a hundred more dollars? Thanks do much!
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Also do you have rec for a sub that is good for music?
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Fair enough. I would definitely go with the 40s over the 30s. I'm not actually familiar with the B series. The specs are the same but they changed the design of the speaker obviously. I think the price difference is only $30 but I couldn't tell you if it's worth it or not.
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