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Official Vizio M3D470KDE Owner's Thread

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I'm posting this on behalf on my buddy who just got this TV off of Amazon (he's not a particular savvy video user). We can't seem to find any way to disable the motion smoothing on this set -- does anyone else have this TV? Have you been able to have this setting turned off? I have the 60 inch Vizio Razor and that setting is present, but not this model (at least that I can tell). What's weird is the entry for this tv on tweaktv.com seems to indicate this setting is available to be disabled:

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The specifications on Visio's website indicated that feature isn't even included on the KDE model.
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The whole KD and KDE model difference seems a little sneaky to me. I was looking for the 55kd and a website told me the KDE replaced it. However, the KDE does not have smart dimming or smooth motion and it is only 120hz compared to 240 of the KD
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Yup, I passed at SAMs today. Was hoping they'd have a Kd stuck among the kde's but they were all gone except the 55" model. Ended up going with an LG instead of the neutered kde.
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I just noticed that as the previous poster noticed, Vizio DOES state that they do NOT use the smooth motion on the M3D470KDE (http://store.vizio.com/3d-smart-tvs/m3d470kde.html?___SID=U). This is completely misleading -- what they mean is that you cannot disable the smooth motion (like you can with, at least, the 60 inch model). The processing is occurring, so everything we watched looked like a soap opera. I'm on with Vizio tech support and THEY are telling me I can turn it off but the setting is clearly missing from the menus, so even they are confused.

So, for now, if you have ANY problem with the soap opera affect, I'd stay away from this TV. My buddy is not a videophile, but even his wife noticed the problem. I'm hoping they get their act together and return it! Its really distracting watching stuff on it!

If anyone gets this model and figures out how to disable the effect (firmware update?), please post to this board.
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Please let me know if you figure this out - I ordered this tv (It's in transit) before I saw your discovery. If I can't turn off the true motion then this TV is worthless. Unless you find a work-around i'm going to refuse delivery. Thanks so much for reporting on the issue!!!!!
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I read that you can turn on GAME Mode to disable the "Soap Opera" TV effect. Please try and confirm. Thanks, Dave
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User review on Amazon says you can make netflix work on this model (m3d470kde) by doing system update from settings.. I don't see system update option. System version I have is 2.37.7 - Is that thelatest version? If not, what is the latest version and how do you update?
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Vizio support told me firmware updates will happen automatically and there has not been an update yet. Also, they told me this modelM3D470KDE was released at the same time as M3D470KD. I have been looking at these for a whole and the KDE version just showed up a few weeks ago. I forgot to ask if the KDE model is actually 120HZ or 60 with upscalling. I have not been able to get the tv to go to 120HZ and the Visio website states 120 effective.

Vizio support also explained the smooth motion cannot be turned off and is controlled by the device connected to the tv.
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starting to this this is a Black Friday model.
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I agree with the above poster that the whole KD vs. KDE thing is a bit misleading. Bought the KDE by accident thinking it was the KD and now can't return it to Tigerdirect. Should have paid more attention. Oh well...
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I'm going to unbox mine and get it all set up. I'll report back with my findings regarding game mode and disabling the motion smoothing. I'll also give my impressions of the tv and its comparison to the KD (which I also own). It will be interesting to see how it compares to the KD since it does not have the local dimming. My guess is it will look good but will lack the black levels of the KD. More to follow
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Finally got this set up where the picture looks good. I used the levels someone posted on samsclub.com. The only difference is I had to turn up the backlight to 100 to stop the high speed flicker LED uses to dim, cheeper LED are either off or on and the flicker.was making my eyes hurt and gave me a headache.

I think the KD was LCD/LED, the KDE only states LED. I am not sure if there is a difference.
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good news to report. It is possible to turn off the soap opera effect. I had to turn on "game" mode in the settings menu, not the "game" mode in the picture menu. There are two game modes. Once I turned off the SOE the picture looked much less strange. After this I calibrated it using the recommended settings for the 470KD. It looks extremely close to the 470KD, but doesn't have quite the same black level. All in all, a very good looking tv at a good price.

Oh yeah, one thing I noted is that the KDE has a detachable power cord and the KD has the power cord attached. I prefer the detachable power cord.

Hope this helps.
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can you either post the settings you used or post a link to the settings.
thank you
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I just received this tv and i have a netflix account and it connects to netflix and shows all the movies but when i go to stream it says that at this time they are unable to download this movie. i have read that this is an issue with the tv does anyone know how to fix?
thank you
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I'm in the same situation and currently I don't see any solution (no help from Vizio, no help from Netflix and no work around's online yet). Planning to keep the pressure on Netflix and use Amazon Instant Video and Hulu in the meantime.
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isn't amazon instant much more expensive then netflix? dont you pay per title?
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I picked this TV up on black friday as well, having looked at the KD for months at Sam's club and not noticing the difference when the black Friday sales started. I see now that Sam's has a list price on the KD of 729 "sold out/ out of stock" and the KDE is now $768. That TV has been 748 bucks for months, like I said I was eyeing it, or at least the KD. So, maybe it was replaced by the KDE? Either way, I could complain that I was "swindled" but I'm for the most part enjoying the TV. Like the rest of you, the netflix SUCKS and doesn't work. How it loads everything EXCEPT the movies is beyond me. The color is good after running a calibration disc, the sound's ok, but planning on some surround soon anyway, the 3d is decent, especially on Call of Duty BOPS 2. My question being, why is it such a big deal that the Netflix doesn't work? I have an Xbox, a Wii U, and a 3d blu ray hooked up to mine and can watch Netflix on all of those. I'm sure all of you've got one of those devices hooked up, no? I understand you want it to work because you paid for it, but, in the end we all got a heck of a deal on what becomes a great TV when you think about what you paid for it. I bet 2 firmware updates later everyone will be happy they paid for this particular unit.
This is my first fancy tv. I've had a Dynex 42 inch for years and years now so maybe I'm just giddy. I will closely read this forum for any tips and tricks, I hope you all enjoy your TV's!!
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catfish, i agree with you it is a great tv for the price after rebate i only paid 630 on circuitcity.com. i DO NOT have anything else running netflix yet but when i get a blu ray i am sure it will run on there. i would never take it back because netflix does not work, but i was hoping that someone had a fix for it.
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I just got off chat with Sid at Vizio support. He is basically saying this is an issue with Netflix.

ME: M3D470KDE is the only one that have problem and this is just not me, this is reported widely on the net
ME: Are you saying that Vizio has confirmed this is a Netflix issue and not the issue with the TV itself?
Sid: I do understand, however this is what is happening. Again, Netflix has made an adjustment to how devices are recognized on their server end. Not all devices are affected, however some do show this issue. Attempt the troubleshooting I have provided you. If that does not correct the issue, do contact Netflix to refresh the device within your account. That should correct the issue.
Sid: Netflix has changed the way it's servers authenticate connected devices. We can attempt troubleshooting from the TV end, however you may need to contact Netflix to resolve this issue.
Sid: Can you please do a powercycle for me.

1- Power off TV
2- Unplug TV from outlet
3- Press and hold in the power button on the side of the TV for 30 seconds (while it is unplugged from the wall)
4- Release the power button
5- Plug in the TV using another known working outlet
6- Power the TV back on

Well I'm at work right now so I havent got a chance to test this out yet, but maybe one of you guys could try and let me know. Will try it later today but I doubt it will do any good.
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*** update ***: just put another call into Netflix. I requested the rep check for any new open issues logged in their system again and as of today they do have one. This issue is now officially on their radar. I would suggest calling in again...it will either help them with more info or keep the pressure on. We'll likely see a fix for this in the near term.
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I am not seeing the game mode in the settings. Where exactly is that located?
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I looked in the user manual and saw a picture. It showed the 55 inch having the option for game mode in settings and not the 47 inch. So how did you set it to off if the 47 inch TV doesn't have that option? Is there a new update for the TV that I don't have?
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Game mode is only available under certain inputs. Haven't fully tested each one yet but what I've seen so far is that is is available on HDMI inputs but not with Media (USB input) or Via apps (Netflix, HULU). ...which makes some sense, Game Mode is available on inputs where games can come into the unit but not the others.
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I went through all the inputs (AV, TV, HDMI etc..) and the only one that does not have it is the TV one. Kinda sux but oh well
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Just received e-mail from Vizion tech. He stated that Vizio & Netflix know there is a problem and are working on it. Vizio will be coming out with a firmware to fix the problem. Will up date as soon as I receive something more .
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I've connected a sony sound bar, can the M3D470KDE control digital audio output? I have only found a setting for analog audio (fixed/variable), it has no affect on digital.
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Hey all.
I also can confirm what sirro14 stated.
I just purchased my TV on the 13th. I also had the problem with Netflix. Everything seems to work till I hit play. Then I get a popup stating that this video can't be plaid at this time. Please try later.
I did the same as all of you and called Vizio and then I called Netflix. I get CS involved and they told me that there 3ed level support knows that there is a problem and is working very closely with Vizio on fixing this problem. They stated to keep on trying to play videos over the next few weeks because there is going to be a fix soon and they are going to update the software as soon as they get it. I'm crossing my fingers.
As far as the TV goes, I love it.
The internet apps are very nice and I go to sleep with IheartRadio every night. Amazon works real good. Now once we get Netflix working I'll be all set.
I also took some of the posted settings I found in different reviews from all over the web and came up with a nice mix for me. I really dont see any of the sope opera effect at all. The color is very clean and sharp. The only thing that I don't really like is the sound when compared to my last vizio. I hooked up my old Vizio sound bar and it sounds very good now. Soon I am going to get the Bose Solo sound system and see how that works with the TV. Should be awesome.
O. One more thing that I don't like about the TV is that the Guide and info buttons do the same thing. On my old Vizio, when I was watching over the air HD that had show info sent with it, I would be able to see what was on for hours in advance. Now I don't see anything. Not that big of a thing. I just load my TV Guide app on my iPad and go from there. It would be nice to have a TV Guide App from Vizio for VIA.
I do really like the new ATSC tuner. It seems a lot better that my older 2008 42" Vizio. This tuner finds a lot more stations that the old one did and that made me very happy. I run just basic cable from Time Warner for $9 bucks a month. For basic I get channels 4-20 and any local over the air stations. Before on my old TV it found 38 stations. Both digital and analog. The new TVs tuner found 33 analog and 44 digital. A lot were doubles but I got more stations than I did before :-)
One other thing that I noticed is that the screen reflects light more. My old TV didn't. I now see my Christmas tree lights blinking while watching a movie. I'll just have to place my tree in a different spot next year.
All in all it is a KEEPER :-)
I really like it. Now I am going to get the 22" Vizio for my bedroom and get rid of my old CRT TV. Happy Holiday all and I hope we get fixed Netflix some time soon :-)

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I Hope all had the same firmware upgrade that i just had, finally the Netflix app is working!!!!!
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