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Just got one of these. Was looking for an inexpensive TV for the basement but after trying a BestBuy brand piece of crap, I decided to upgrade my family room TV to 3D instead and move my Panny plasma to the basement. But am finding some very annoying "features" on this TV. Hopefully it's just me.

First, the audio volume goes up and down with commercials, changing channels, etc, no consistency.

Second, there is a muting of audio every time I change channels, skip forward or backwards, and even on many scene changes, like from a commercial back to the show.

The other annoying thing is I can't find any code that allows my FiOS remote to do anything more than the the TV on and off. Would be happy to just have the input selection button work so I can switch inputs without having to grab the Vizio remote.

I'm connected to a sound bar using SP-DIF, and running FiOS connected via HDMI.

I'm going to call Vizio about this on Monday and if there's no solution, back it goes.
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Didn't have those issues with the one I had. My Comcast remote controlled on / off and volume, sound worked fine. The reason I returned it was the terrible motion blur watching sports, everything else was great, picture quality was good & 3D was too. Also it was REALLY slow when changing channels even though the channel change was through the cable box, my preset TV in that spot, A Vizio M551D, changes very fast with the same cable box so it was the TV.
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Hello all. I'm new to the avs community and am looking for some help with my Vizio m3d470kde. There is something wrong with the picture/screen. The picture is choppy and has lines going horizontal mostly but also vertically, that are not consistent. The lines will go in and out at all different places and the picture will seem to cut at different spots. This happens on all inputs and when menu is up. Any help would be appreciated.

Here are a few images showing the issue, and it's inconsistency. http://imgur.com/a/3ezAA
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