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Polk Monitor and Subwoofer Matchup

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Currently running a pair of Polk Monitor 30s with a CS1 center and OWM3 surrounds powered by Pioneer VSX 921 (770W 7.1). I use my speakers for everything but am primarily concerned with music quality.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a nice 10" sub that will match the monitors but will not overpower them. I currently have the Polk PSW110 and its not that impressive. I was thinking about the BIC F12 but I think a 12" woofer might be too low and powerful for these speakers.

Also considering getting monitor 40s but not sure if they will be a noticeable upgrade from the 30s

Any advice appreciated
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There is no reason why you can't use a 12'' sub or even a 15'' subwoofer with your current Monitor 30's. You are in complete control of how loud the sub plays with proper level calibration and how good it sounds with proper placement in the room. It's always better to have more subwoofer than you need than to not have enough. I have a pair of Polk Monitor 40's paired with a 15'' sub in a 2.1 second bedroom system and it sounds great.
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A decent 12" sub would be the BIC F12 for $200 dollars. I love my Klipsch RW-12D, which I bought on sale for $300 at www.newegg.com.
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