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Denon AVR-1913 Zone 1 and 2

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I am new to multi-zone speakers using a receiver because my old house had multiple Sonos boxes so it was easy to understand. However, my new place has speakers already installed in 5 zones of the house. I purchased a Denon AVR-1913 and a RTI AD4 for the distribution. However, before I set it all up I have a basic question - In my living room I have a 5.1 system. I would like to use this as Zone 1, but then connect all of the other rooms (via the AD4) to Zone 2; does Zone 1 and Zone 2 play the same thing at the same time? Meaning, if I am listening to Pandora on the 5.1 and want the rest of the house to broadcast that exact same music, can I just link Zone 2 to Zone 1?
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Take a look at the Zone 2 info in the following post ....


Also note, that you'll need to exchange the 1913 for either the 1713 or 2113CI as the 1913 does not have the Zone 2 pre-outs you need to connect to the RTI AD4.

Also note there's a dedicated thread for Denon AVR-XX13 Owners linked in my sig. Review posts #1-6 in that thread for more helpful information.
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I have a problem with zone 2 on the AVR 1913 as well .... I've followed the links to all the other threads but not found a solution and I'm wondering if it's my setup ...?

Very similar to the original poster I have the main show running a 5.1 home theatre setup. Works great. I've tested AirPlay and it works great in the main zone as well. Today I tried to hook up the zone 2 to my multi room audio by running speaker wires from the back surround speakers assigned to zone 2 into a distribution block that goes to impedance matching volume controls and speakers in each room. I previously tested this setup with a different older receiver and everything works great.

When I try to play a song from AirPlay to Zone 2 it immediately takes over the main zone. When I switch to zone 2 nothing happens, no sound and the AirPlay pauses on my Mac. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance.
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OK, never mind. Looks like it was a simple wiring mistake. Zone 2 now up and running ..... :-)
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Important to note that a side effect of using Airplay to Zone 2 is that the main zone will initially be "hijacked" until Airplay is playing in Zone 2, and then you can return the main zone source to whatever was initially playing there. Also note that the main zone must remain ON while Airplay is playing in Zone 2.
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