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Low Ceiling Issues

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Would it be possible to build backer boxes for my can lights with this setup? I kind of have to as my basement ceiling is not that high anyways (81") Or is there another effective way to decouple the ceiling and still have backer boxes? I'm building them myself around Halo 6" shallow can lights.
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Sorry just realized I didn't attach the picture.

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You could use the isolation clip to hang the backer box a la Milt99 in post 30. Or ScottJ0007's suggestion in post 44. :

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Hmmm that seems sound however I am presented with another chellenge. I have 2 return vents from the living room up stairs that run parallel with the celing joists in the basement and come flush with the bottom of the joist. Here is a pic. So should I run the Furring channels parallel with the joists or perpendicular. The returns take up 2 joist spaces so about 33" wide.
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