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Play FLAC Pioneer VSX-60, Yamaha RX-A720

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I'm trying to decide between 2 receivers. Those two are the finalists. I want to be able to play FLAC Files through my receiver on my 7.1 system.

My computers runs Windows 7 64 bit and I use Winamp to play my FLAC on my computer. I have many large concert FLAC files. Is there a way to play them through those 2 receivers? I have an older Xbox 360 and am getting the Panasonic PC-P50GT50 TV as well if that matters.

Are there other components that I need to make this work? Or can I somehow stream the files directly to one(or either) of those receivers easily. I read somewhere that for the Yamaha I need a certified DLNA media server that supports FLAC to make it work. I have no idea what that really means. I'm not particularly savvy with these things and if it could be explained how I can make this work in a "beginner's" language that would be great. I want to make this as simple as possible.
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You have the same options with either receiver.

You can connect your receiver to your PC using either analogue audio cables, digital (optical or coaxial) audio cables or HDMI and use Winamp to play your FLAC files as you do now.

You can copy your FLAC files to a USB drive, plug it into the receiver and play the files from the receiver.

As you mentioned, you can steam your FLAC files from a DLNA server on your home network that supports FLAC files. The DLNA server that comes with Windows doesn't support FLAC so you'll need to find some other software.

With the later two options, where the receiver decodes the FLAC files, the transition between files will not be seemless, there will be a brief interruption between files. This isn't a problem for ordinary music files, but it can be noticable with live performances.
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Thanks, I really appreciate the reply.

Since option 3 is the one that would be most convenient for flac playback my biggest question is what can I use as a DLNA server for flac. Is there a program out there I cam just download(if so, whati don't know how to find one) or do I need some kind of hardware device.

Again, I'm trying to research but Im having trouble with really gettingy head around what I really need.
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DLNA is basically an organization that certifies devices that use the UPnP AV protocols to stream media. Searching for UPnP AV Windows servers should turn up some free software. I can't personally recommend anything as I don't have any FLAC files and just use DLNA server built into Windows.
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Again, thanks for the information. That really helps. That gives me a lot to go on and I'll do some more digging into that to see what is going to work for me.
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